Sunday, December 4, 2016

Texas: Mother shares memory from 2010 when her daughter was attacked by a pit bull while walking home from the bus stop

TEXAS -- Mary Alice Tijerina shared a memory. November 22 at 10:42am ·
Still remember it like it was yesterday! I love animals but not that one! That pit bull was ugly!!! Glad they put it down. She still has a big indent from the bites and emotional scars!

Mary Alice Tijerina ·November 22, 2010 ·
The worse feeling ever.... your daughter calling screaming she was attacked by a pit bull. My heart coming out of my chest running to the car going down my own street. It got her twice on her right thigh. She was coming home from the bus stop. It took everything I had not to hurt the owner of that dog. Had to call 911. She got to ride in an ambulance.

Mary Aguilar-Bernal - Hope she is ok, make sure you get the owner of the dog, he is responsible for his dog.

Beatrice Saldivar - Is she ok? I hate pit bulls!!! I'm with Mary - make sure you get the owner of that dog and hold him responsible!!!!

Mary Alice Tijerina - Thanks Guys!

Alyssa Gonzalez - Hope everything went ok at hospital. And btw, once a dog has attacked a human, most city ordinances require it to be put down. Should file a police report in any event.

Mary Alice Tijerina ·November 23, 2010 ·
Well she thought she was going to school today. Needless to say she is not. Leg is swollen and in pain. Thank God for medicines! Passed by the house where the dog was at this morning and it looks like they took the dog.

Mary Alice Tijerina ·December 7, 2010 ·
Any ideas out there on helping with an attack of a pit bull? My daughter is scared to walk from the car to the house in the dark. Came in crying last light when her dad dropped her off. She said she felt her heart pounding and a movement by a cat made her cry.