Sunday, January 22, 2017

Arizona: Man attacked by a pit bull last year is nearly attacked by a different one this year

ARIZONA -- David Jordan McKinnon posted on Facebook January 21, 2017

If you are bit by a dog, are you suddenly a magnet for aggressive animals??? Was just nearly attacked by a very aggressive pit bull while pulling weeds in my own front yard!!!

Brenda Wilson Schemel - Omg Jordan! That's my biggest fear. Do you know who the dog belongs to?

David Jordan McKinnon - Yep! Authorities are on the way. I'm not having that shit in my neighborhood...

Brenda Wilson Schemel - Good for you David Jordan McKinnon

Amber Aston - I'm sorry, that's awful! I haven't been bit yet but I feel like it's come close while I'm running and a friend of mine was bit while we were running. The owner denied it bit her even though she had teeth marks to prove it. Dogs are great but if you know you have a biter you have to keep them close.

David Jordan McKinnon - Or if you know they're a biter, get rid of them!!!! I was attacked by a bit bull last year. I'm petrified of big dogs now.

Karen McKinnon Shaker - Gosh dang it. Are you kidding me!

David Jordan McKinnon - No joke. There were 4 people outside and the damn dog came directly for me!