Sunday, January 22, 2017

Louisiana: Woman and her dog attacked by a loose pit bull

LOUISIANA -- Bonnie Drumwright posted on Facebook January 21, 2017

Time to vent: this morning I took my dog, buckaroo for a short walk. On the way back we were attacked, well maybe semi-attacked by a pit bull. I think it was pit bull (big broad chest and thick muscular neck mostly white with a little brown. Weighing about 60ish pounds although I didn't bring him home to weigh him.

He was snapping at buck and trying to bite him in the face. Buck was on a leash. I wrapped my hand in the big dog's collar to keep him off of buck.

Next thing I know I'm on the pavement twisting up in buck's leash and still hanging on to the pit bull's collar screaming "help" hoping for one of my neighbors to hear me for what seemed like 5 minutes but may have only been one or two minutes.

I doubt I was in as much serious danger as I felt because I think if the pit had wanted to go for my throat or amputate my hand at the wrist, he could have done so. Now I don't feel safe to take buckaroo for walks.

Maybe I need to carry a big stick, or pepper spray or pistol in the future.but I don't really want to harm someone else's dog. I just want him to be a little more friendly next time.

If anyone wants to cheer me up, feel free.