Tuesday, January 3, 2017

California: Woman turns into a Mama Bear after her son is bitten by a pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- Sarah Curtright posted on Facebook December 28, 2016

Well well well now. My son just got bit by a PITBULL whose owner ASSURED me that the dog was used to babies. My son was barely touching the dog and it snarled and lunged at him. No blood, but his hand still has tooth marks on it an hour later.

Pit bulls are unpredictable creatures and have not been bred to be friendly to strangers. There is a reason there is a reputation attached to them and no amount of brainwashing is going to remove that fact. Last time he will be touching anyone's dog. Apparently owners don't even know their own animals.

Sarah Curtright - Interestingly, I found myself in the same situation as the neighbors of the San bernadino shooter. You don't want to be called racist, discriminating, so you go along with it.


I'm am idiot for listening to the ignorant pit bull advocates' stupid articles about how innocent pit bulls are. "Oh It's really their owners fault" No. No it's not. Talk about fake news. Bunch of lies and my child got hurt because I started to believe those lies.

All of the facts are against the claims of pit bull advocates and yet I still was stupid enough to try to be "open minded". You know what open minded gets you? Injured or killed. I'm bringing my bat next time.

Nate Howell - I am sorry to hear about your child, but this is terribly inaccurate. It could have been any dog that bit, it's proven that smaller dogs(Jack Russell/Doxin) are more likely to bite.

Really, I know it sucks tremendously that your kid was bit and there is no excuse for an owner allowing it to happen, but unfortunately it's not on the pit, it's on the owner.

Sarah Curtright - It's not the bite alone. No one is worried about a small dog bite. Unless they have rabies.

62% of all dog bite fatalities are caused by pittbulla and many of the victims are children too small to defend themselves. That is what we are dealing with.

It isn't the owner. The dog plays with her grandkids. The problem is that the dog is a bully to strangers. I petted the dog no issues. Aiden pets the dog and the dog loses it.

This has happened with a rotty a friend of mine has. Dog wont touch me because I'm bigger, but went after Aiden who can't defend himself.

Kina Malia - If you want to bring in statistics, then please research what percentage of dogs trained to fight are pit bulls because of course the breed that is most frequently trained to fight and attack will have a higher percentage of fatalities. I had a Pit Bull that was previously a fight dog and gave her a new life and she was the most gentle, loving grateful dog I've ever known. Amazing with both my babies and rabbits, etc.

Prior to fighting, pit bulls were known as the "nanny dog" for how well they would care for the children. When greedy people realized how good they were for fighting, it changed everything for them... That is not their nature. I'm sorry your kid got bit but my kids have been nipped by plenty of other dog breeds.
unless you have had a pit bull for a length of time or fully researched their history, I think it's pretty awful to feed into the negative reputation these poor animals are already trying to fight.

I'm sorry but I'm pretty passionate about these dogs, so many die everyday because people are fearful of them and they don't find homes, but they truly are some of the sweetest dogs if you give them a chance and a loving home.

Sarah Curtright - I appreciate your passion Tina, but it is in many ways misplaced. If you can find what percent of pits are bred yearly for fighting that would be helpful to support your case.

However, most pits are simply household pets. 51% of attacks fatal attacks are by pets of unsuspecting owners.

No one disputes that aussie shepherds have been bred to herd. When people find out that I have an aussie is the first thing they ask "so, does he herd you around? ". It's a tendency, a disposition bred into them. I don't see anyone refuting that. But now here we have a dog who was bred to be so aggressive they actually had to unbreed it to make it less so. And everyone points blame at the owners. Give me a freaking break.

What is crazy is that the facts line up to support my arguments and everyone is arguing against both facts and known breed tendencies. Authorities do not dispute that pits are aggressive breeds. It baffles me that people can't just admit the truth even when faced with facts. Always passing the buck to someone else.

Blaine Simons - Sorry about your boy. My sister's little dachshund cornered my son once and had him terrified. It took a lot to restrain myself just for doing that. Let alone actually biting him.

Sarah Curtright - Mmmmk everyone is having a hard time remembering that we are taking about one particular breed of dogs. NO OTHER BREED. I don't care about pomeranian or chihuahuas. So if you want to contribute your opinion on this topic, please have facts statistics and discussions pertaining to pit bulls. Not any other dog. Not your mom's dog, not a dog your kids know. We are taking about pit bulls with strangers primarily.

Good facts to find out :

What percentage of pit bull pets displayed aggression before biting?

Why are pit bulls responsible for such an abnormally large majority of dog mauling deaths?

What percentage of ownership is responsible for these tendencies?

No one has bothered to present facts here. Except for me. Which none of you have cared to address.

So please don't debate until you bring facts to support your case. And no, saying some other dog also bites is not a supporting fact.

Love you all... but seriously lol

Nick Apostolopoulos - Any dog can bite. My pit is around kids all of the time, including my niece since she was a baby, and has never even looked at her the wrong way. This owner should have known better, but it's not the breed.

Sarah Curtright - Not the breed, no not the breed that had been bred to be aggressive. Certainly it must be the super nice owner

Sarah Curtright - Tell me Nick, what exactly is wrong with the owner.

Sarah Curtright - If you all read my original post, you will quickly realize that I am saying the same thing as yourselves. Pit bulls have been bred to fight and thus have an aggressive temperament which because of their size is dangerous. They should not be let loose around small children and people they don't know.

So thank you all for your support. Too bad most of us wasted hours of our lives agreeing.

Sarah Curtright - This " its the owner" thing is just fascinating. It's like a magical sentence that just fixes all the issues with the breed. Oh of course! Let me wave my wand. Yes. Yes. It was all the owners fault. Yes your super nice old neighbor forces her dog to fight. Oh wait no? The dog must not listen to her. Oh it does? Doesn't matter. Why? Because it is always the owners fault. Why? Oh its just a magic formula that removes all blame from the dog. Bibbidibobbidiboo! There.

Cari Temple Dolcemascolo - As much as i know many friendly pit bulls, after all the things I have researched over the years, I don't think I could fully trust one around children or around strangers. And I LOVE dogs!!

Sarah Curtright - Get your facts straight. Animal welfare workers are not interested in warning you of possible dangers. In fact, they do everything they can to suppress this breed's kill rate. And when something does happen, they are going to blame you.

Sarah Curtright - Ordinarily I do not deviate from posting about very important topics. But since my baby son recently was bitten by a pit bull, I am going to take some time to launch a crusade against the animal welfare groups that are lying to you and suppressing the truth regarding this breed. Their lies that pits are not aggressive and the failure to warn of the breed's tendencies to snap without warning caused me to take my guard down which could have resulted in serious issues the dog bitten harder.

Ashley Allen - Everyone I know who has owned a pit, has told me "oh he's so nice, would never hurt a fly," and every single pit bull I have been close to, has done SOMETHING vicious. I will never trust the breed. And especially not around young children. Not after everything I've seen/ heard.