Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Washington: Her Yorkie was killed last year by a pit bull. Now her other Yorkies have been attacked by a different pit bull. But she says "I love pit bulls"

WASHINGTON -- Lynn Clegg was feeling emotional at Kariotis Mobile Estates.
December 22, 2016  ·

My Romeo and Juliet were almost attacked by a pit bull last night while my son walked them before their bedtime. Not only did the dog comes off his porch once, he came a second time and tried to grab one of them. Luckily, my son is very strong and was able to pull Juliet by her harness, unfortunately, Romeo slipped out of his harness and flipped onto the asphalt. Luckily, for Romeo he ran away from the dog. My son was able to pick up my scared Romeo and get them home.


Well I grabbed my bright cop flashlight and headed to that house, I saw a beautiful white head and black body female pit bull. She started to come at me and I hit her in the eyes with my flashlight and it retreated to there yard. I banged on the door every window and no one was home. I truly love pit bulls and thank they are a beautiful breed. My oldest son Chad has two amazing pit bulls and he is raising them right along with my granddaughters. I felt sorry for the pit bull that tried to attack my dogs, she had beautiful markings, but was way to thin and should not of been outdoors in our freezing weather.

Unfortunately, my main problem I have with pit bulls is my last teacup Yorkshire Terrier was killed by a mean pit bull, so I will always be leary of strange pit bulls
I am thankful to God that my babies Romeo and Juliet made it home safely.
Carrie Pillow I'm glad your babies are ok!!! I too raised a pit bull and had him 14 years. Best dog ever. However, I am leary of them also because you don't know how they been raised.

Lynn Clegg - I love pit bulls my oldest so Chad has to beautiful ones King a blue nose, and his female Harlow a red nose. They are fabulous dogs. Their 4 daughters have rode those dogs as ponies and they are fabulous to my grandbabies.

My problem is the idiot owners that raise them to attack, as the one that attacked my 3lb baby teacup Yorkshire Terrier that wasn't even a year old. I was so thankful my son acted fast, unfortunately Romeo fell out of his harness when Rusty tried to lift him up. Thank God Romeo got scared enough and ran the opposite way of the dog. What pissed me off was the pit bull came off their ungated porch and jumped at them my son yelled at the dog, she backed away, so he was able to get Romeo, but then that dog came at them again from behind. Luckily my son saw him and scared the dog away.

When I went back there after that last night I shined the light right in the dogs eyes, it was extremely bright and went on the porch she ran to the yard. I banged on every window and door no one was hone. Supposedly, it was a visitors dog. But I can tell the dog is still there. I have a little Seattle Mariners bat I will carry with me to smack that dog. But then my SPCA blood in me felt for the pit bull out in the cold and she was beautiful, had a white head and neck and black body, plus she was so thin I wanted to bring her food. I just pray it doesn't happened to any one else.

Samantha Joan Garner-McCaleb - I am sorry lynn. Poor Little Romeo and Juliet.