Friday, January 27, 2017

Florida: Boy, 2, mauled in the face by his family's pit bull. The same pit bull which had attacked him last week.

FLORIDA -- Miles Haefner's family and friends say he will likely have a scar down the side of his face for the rest of his life.

The 2-year-old Ormond Beach boy had plastic surgery Tuesday night after his family dog, a pit bull, attacked him in his home.  Maryann Robles heard Haefner's screams and ran to help.

"It's bad all the way down his cheek, and I'm pretty sure some parts were all the way through," said Robles.  "It was as deep as it could have gone. He was bleeding everywhere, screaming -- a mom's worst nightmare, really."

Rules for the residential community where the attacked happened states that no pit bulls are allowed.

Deputies say Haefner's mother told them the family received a dog from a friend a month ago and that the dog bit Miles once before, last weekend.

So she knowingly brought a banned pit bull into her neighborhood and when the dog attacked her son the first time she chose to keep the dog so he could attack her child a second time. She needs to be charged with child neglect.

She said she took him to the hospital that time and was told by hospital staff said that animal control officers would contact her.   They never did, according to a Volusia County spokeswoman, who said animal control never got called in the case.

(FOX35 - Jan 25, 2017)

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