Monday, January 16, 2017

Florida: Man's cat named Chloe attacked by loose pit bull while in her own backyard

FLORIDA -- Ed Randall added 3 new photos to Facebook January 14, 2017

We woke this morning to our kitty Chloe being attacked by a damn unleashed pit bull in our backyard.

11 hours at the ER $800 and more X-rays and bloodwork next week.

I know friends who have pit bulls who say how wonderful and gentle maybe but I call BS folks this is what gives them a bad name.

I'm so upset the owners selfishly didn't have dog on a leash and were nowhere to be found. We have copies of the ER bill to hand to the owner of the dog once we find them.

Michael Verbulecz - Ed, I hope for speedy recovery for kitty. Did you file a report with local PD?

Ed Randall - Yes we filed a report with police and Animal Control. Thank good new our neighbor is a sheriff and he witnessed the event in case u know the owner denies it was his precious dog. NOT.