Monday, January 16, 2017

Florida: John Snell was seen beating his dog. Hero MMA instructor Dennis Davidson tackles him and holds him for police

FLORIDA -- Dennis Davidson knew he had to do something when he saw a dog being hit and kicked by a man in Brevard County, Florida.

"We noticed a gentleman chasing a dog around, and the dog was cowering. And he was shouting obscenities at it, and every time he'd get close, he was swinging and/or kicking at it," Davidson said.


Davidson confronted the dog's owner, John Snell, who allegedly began threatening Davidson's wife.

"He basically got irate and started to move toward her, shouting some obscenities and pointing," Davidson told WESH.


At that point, Davidson sprung into action.

Snell had no way of knowing that Davidson is a black belt in jujitsu, and actually teaches at a martial arts school.

Davidson immediately put Snell in a choke hold and brought him to the ground. He was able to hold him until police arrived.

Snell was arrested on complaints of battery and animal abuse.

As for the dog, Davidson says he hopes to adopt her.

“We’re animal lovers, have several dogs and live on a big property with a fence. Hopefully, we’ll get the dog and it’ll live out the rest of its life with happiness,” he said.

(KFOR - Dec 15, 2016)


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