Saturday, January 7, 2017

Florida: Yorkie named Matilda Mae needs major surgery to her face and nose after being attacked by a pit bull

FLORIDA -- Claiborne Hemphill Trinklein posted on Facebook January 7, 2017

Kenny and I are going through a nightmare no one should ever go thru..... our baby Matilda is fighting for her life in and ICU in Tampa right now. yesterday at my sister in laws house she was attacked by a neighbors pit bull dog... we did not know that dog live there or we would have never ever ever been here.

She will require major surgery on her face and nose so please please pray for us and Matilda. I will be off Facebook but will give any updates as we are packing up and going back to Tampa to stay with her.

She's fighting right now very hard and we love her with all our heart and soul. Thank you for your prayers and keep your babies close..

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