Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tennessee: Family fights off stray pit bull during vicious attack. Cheryl Fredrickson Gonzalez says the teens "provoked" the pit bull into attacking

TENNESSEE -- Feathers falling like snowflakes from this coat. The after math of a brutal pit bull attack.

"He was hollering and telling me to help him, while the dog was grabbing him and just dragging him," said Randy Tate.


He said in the heat of the moment he grabbed a rake and tried to beat a stray dog off of his nephew -- 13- year-old Raheem Davis.

"He just ripped the clothes off of him," added Davis.

The teenager's hoodie and down feather jacket didn't stand a chance as the pit bull growled and sliced through the layers.

"The dog had him by his pant leg and was just dragging him, just dragging him," said Davis.

Tate said Davis cried for mercy but couldn't get loose from the dog's tight grip. Even though three people were kicking and hitting the dog, his locked jaws held on to the teenager.

Davis was taken to Le Bonheur to get stitches while the dog was taken away by animal control. Tate said this is not the snow day that he had in mind

"I didn’t think he was injured that bad until he took off his clothes and had a big plug (hole)in his arm, and (another in his) leg," said Davis.

"They were out there throwing snowballs and riding their bikes, sliding in snow they were having a good day all of sudden the dog just came out of nowhere," he added.

Meanwhile, even though Cheryl Fredrickson Gonzalez wasn't there to witness the attack, she says they PROVOKED IT:

Cheryl Fredrickson Gonzalez - Wreg, Jody is absolutely correct. I'm sure there's more to the story. Someone provoked that dog in some way, they threw more than just snowballs.

Heather C. Sanders - Did they do a DNA test to make sure it was a pit bull ... UM NO!!!! You can't report something as FACT unless you do your part!!! There was a Chihuahua that attacked a baby and there were three pit bulls that rescued their little humans within the past few years! The question is what was going on when the child got attacked, was the child in the dogs face, was the child pulling on the dogs ear and tail, was the child pissing the dog off??? All these questions must be taken into consideration people. Keep in mind all animals (just like humans) have their breaking point!

Jaime Brunkan Dial - You all say the same thing...always trying to throw other breeds under the bus. Nobody asks for a dna test when they're dressed in tutus or rushing into a burning building to save a child. Bunch of bs. If you think all other breeds are killing and not being reported, you go find us all the victims.


(WREG - Jan 6, 2017)

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