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Hawaii: First the killer dogs were given back to their owner. Now police have bungled the case so badly that prosecutors refuse to file criminal charges in the dog mauling death of Cris Aliado

HAWAII -- 52-year-old Cris Aliado died on July 29th. He bled to death on the banks of the Kalihi stream after being mauled by dogs.

Surveillance video shows an ambulance responding after a worker at the Bus calls 911 for help.

Caller: "There looks to be a homeless guy and he is in the river and he hasn't moved. The bus driver says he hasn’t moved for at least five minutes and he is all bloodied up."

Dispatcher: “And he is floating in the river?”

Caller: “He is on the on the embankment. Laying on the embankment. He is not moving.”

Dispatcher: “Is he in the water at all?"

Caller: “No, he is not in the water at all."

Images just before that call, show Aliado walking along the stream looking for bottles and cans.

At 6:15 p.m. someone in the area recalls seeing him walking picking up recyclables.

But 20 minutes later, a witness reports seeing a man lying in the stream bed with one dog sniffing him, and another dog nearby.

The City Prosecutor’s Office said without a witness, it can’t prove without a reasonable doubt that those dogs killed Aliado, and the attack wasn’t provoked.

The office released this statement saying MR. ALIADO DIED OF BLOOD LOSS DUE TO A DOG ATTACK... and yet they then try to explain why its dropping the case:

"To bring charges the state would have to prove, in addition to other elements, that these dogs caused his death, and that the victim did not on this occasion, or any other occasion, tease, torment, abuse, or assault the dogs."


A woman attacked by dogs from the same business a year earlier was surprised the prosecutor isn’t going forward with the case.

"It is shame that there are animals that would attack innocent people running loose-- without finding out how to keep people safe," said Francine Kournegay.

The dogs are long gone from the area. They were released back to the owners who own Containerland. The company has since moved from Kalihi to Mapunapuna.

The family told KITV they continue to keep the dogs kenneled, only taking them out to the veterinarian or the Humane Society.

But that isn’t enough to put a Honolulu neighborhood board chairman at ease, wondering if those dogs are in his neighborhood, or in a neighborhood near you.

"If they get out, what I am worried about is that other people may get mauled, or possibly killed. It’s a frightening situation,” said Honolulu attorney Richard Turbin.

Turbin has handled dangerous dog cases before and serves on the Kahala neighborhood board.


1. The dogs needed to be seized immediately and thoroughly examined. Did they have Mr. Aliado's blood on them? Not just visible, but tiny droplets of blood down by the hair shaft. Was Mr. Aliado's blood in between the dog's toes, which would show they were on top of him tugging and biting him after he had already been pulled down by the dogs? What was in the dogs' stomachs? If they weren't going to euthanize the dogs immediately and do necropsies, they should've pumped their stomachs - just as they do humans who ingest poisons. Was Mr. Aliado's blood and tissue (e.g. hair, skin, pieces of clothing) in their stomachs?

2. Remember in the movie "Jaws" when Chief Brody wants to check the bite radius of the shark that was captured and killed to compare it to the dead girl? Same as these dogs. Who took bite radius measurements of these dog's to compare to the bite marks on Mr. Aliado? Who made molds of the dogs' teeth to match to the puncture wounds to Mr. Aliado?

3. What was the history of these dogs? Had neighbors complained to animal control/police before? Not just official complaints, but did anyone step forward after Mr. Aliado's death to say they had chased them? Attacked their pets? Killed their livestock? Often people won't call in because they're worried about retaliation, but when something like this happens, they're willing to come forward.

At least one woman, Francine Kournegay, reported the dogs when they attacked her. Also, in the previous article, other homeless people said they had knowledge of these same dogs attacking other homeless people - severely enough to require hospitalization.

4. What kind of wounds were on Mr. Aliado's body? Were they punctures at the ankles and calves? Were they around the neck? Were they all over? How many bites did he suffer from the dogs? If the dogs had just stumbled on his body and chewed on him a bit, an autopsy would show that the bites were post-mortem. They would have been able to determine whether the majority of bites were after he had died, which ones had bled the most - indicating he was alive, how many bites were simple punctures and how many were tearing bite wounds, which would indicate Mr. Aliado was fighting and struggling and trying to get away from the dogs?

5. The City Prosecutor’s Office say they can't say that Mr. Aliado didn't "PROVOKE" the dogs into attacking. Well, guess what? Dead men tell no tales. It doesn't matter if Mr. Aliado "provoked" the dogs or not. And what could he have possibly done?

He was in the middle of collecting cans for recycling so he could earn some money. Even if he had kicked at the dogs or thrown a rock at them to chase them away, the bottom line is that THE DOGS SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LOOSE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

If these dogs are barking and charging at him, he had every right to throw a rock at them and try to get them to leave him alone. And we don't even know that that happened. It's just the City Prosecutor’s Office trying to justify and cover-up the fact that this investigation was screwed up from the beginning.

Finally, why is it that these dogs have never been identified by their breed? Were they Jack Russell Terriers, Poodles, Shelties, Chihuahuas, Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Boston Terriers, King Charles Spaniels, Pointers, Scottish Terriers, or Cocker Spaniels? Doubtful. Were they German Shepherds, Mastiffs, American Bulldogs, or Pit Bulls? Likely.

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(KITV - Jan 14, 2017)


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