Sunday, January 15, 2017

Canada: Karim Jean-Gilles, 34, owner of the pit bull which mauled a little girl, now charged with assaulting police officers

CANADA -- A man whose pit bull mauled a young girl appeared in court on Friday after being arrested the day before for allegedly assaulting two police officers.

Karim Jean-Gilles, 34, appeared to face 11 additional charges connected to the assault. He pleaded not guilty and refused to ask for bail. The judge decided anyhow to hold a bail hearing Monday.

On Thursday, a bailiff appeared at Jean-Gilles' Brossard home on Marquise St. to serve a warrant at 7:20 a.m.

"The bailiff was serving a court order in regards the attack of a pit bull on a young girl in the summer of 2015," said Longueuil police spokesperson Marie Beauvais-Lavoie.

After an argument, the man assaulted the bailiff, who called police.

Police confirmed the man is Jean-Gilles, who is currently facing a charge of criminal negligence causing bodily harm after 8-year-old Vanessa Biron was attacked by his dog in Marquise Park.

"He is known to have physical altercations with police officers in the past so other police officers were called to assist to proceed to arrest this man," said Beauvais-Lavoie.

Upon arrival at his door, the man appeared to be cooperating with the two officers but then “sucker punched” one of them, according to Beauvais-Lavoie.
The two officers arrested the man and were both taken to hospital to treat minor injuries.

The girl who was attacked in 2015 suffered severe injuries: her skull was punctured by the dog's fangs and her jaw was crushed.

Vanessa underwent a seven-hour surgery and a long recovery period.

The dog that attacked the girl was euthanized three days later.

Jean-Gilles was arrested at the time, but later released. He did not show up for his court date in November. On Thursday he was being issued a new court order to appear in court February.

If convicted, Jean-Gilles could be sentenced to a maximum of fourteen years in prison.

Note: Jean-Gilles' mother, Hyacinth Parker, was also charged for being co-owner of the pit bull which attacked the little girl. 

(Montreal CTV News - Jan 13, 2017)


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