Monday, January 2, 2017

Kentucky: Tiny dog named Lil Bit lucky to survive after being attacked by a pit bull

KENTUCKY -- Melissa Robinson Marcum posted on Facebook December 21, 2016

Poor Lil Bit got attacked by neighbor's pit bull. Luckily, no puncture wounds, but she is very soreπŸ˜”

Sandra Walker Mcguire - Poor baby 😒😒

Mary Lee Jones-Brannen - Poor Baby!!

Sandra Caudill - Brown Aw,poor thing!

Tammy Davis - oh my gosh

Tammy Collins-Bonney - Give her extra loving!

Julia Schrink - Poor baby 😰

Debbie Smothers - So sad. Needs extra loving

Gary Jessee - A lot of insurance company's will not cover you if you have a pit bull or other aggressive breed. State Farm is one.

Melissa Robinson Marcum - I don't think they have anything worth insuring:/
Marion Rhea Pennington Bless her heart! Glad she wasn't injured seriously!