Monday, January 2, 2017

Virgin Islands: Little dog "shaken like a rag doll" and killed by a pit bull that she says has "killed other dogs". Owner says she still loves pit bulls.

VIRGIN ISLANDS -- Lori LaRae Adams posted on Facebook December 29, 2016

Martini got bitten by pit bull today ... pray for her , we hope she makes it through the night...

Lacye Quinn - What??? What this the one running loose??

Lori LaRae Adams - No guy I think his name is Steve or Tim he has the big white and tan pit that has killed other dogs in the past 3 months and he still brings that dog downtown

Lori LaRae Adams - I took her with me to do garden beds in King's alley , like I always do , and she walked right up to him , and he just shook her like a rag doll 😥😥😥😥😥

Lori LaRae Adams - If you would like to help , I have a miracle for MARTINI jar at Food Town Express , or if I can put a jar in your shop please let me know! And thank you!!!!

Lori LaRae Adams - Martini didn't make it!!! She is in heaven with my Mom now.....I keep looking behind me , she was my shadow and followed me everywhere, and when I eat I keep looking down to see her . She was my best friend!!!!

Lori LaRae Adams - I love pit bulls these are my babies . So please don't think it's about the breed . It's not