Sunday, January 1, 2017

Michigan: Dachshund named Rylie has tongue ripped off and jaw broken after pit bull attack

MICHIGAN -- Debra L Robertson posted on Facebook December 27, 2016 ·

Hello Friends, There is a doxie that needs our help. She was attacked by a pit bull. She lost a portion of her tongue and has a fractured jaw in two places and needs her jaw wired. Please help have her surgery and get back on the road to recovery.

Mary Madden - Praying for healing for Rylie. I hope they've ID'd the dog & owner and reported them. They should be held responsible for all Vet costs.

Debra L Robertson - Yes I would be on that pit bulls door step daily.

GoFundMe link "Love For Rylie"

Rylie is a 5 year old miniature dachshund who was just attacked by another dog. He received a broken jaw in two places (just by vets exam, no X-Rays.) lost a lower canine, broke another one and has a chunk of his tongue missing. He is a very sweet and loving dog who is laid back and loves to cuddle. Even while going through this he was still wagging his tail when seeing a loved one.

The vet told us it would cost upwards of 4,000 dollars to have the surgery to wire his jaw so it would heal properly. As it was we barely had enough money to afford the exam and medication fee. He is currently in a 'tape' muzzle to try and keep his jaw straight. He is on a soft (with liquid) diet due to the extensive injuries. Without the surgery his jaw will not heal properly. Every little bit counts. We are praying for a Christmas miracle to help ensure this dog's future.

He will need the surgery as soon as possible before his jaw heals improperly and diminishes his quality of life. This family pet means so much to us. All money raised will go towards the medical bills to get his surgery done. The price we have now is an estimate made by MSU 24 Emergency Small Vet Clinic. We are still calling around about prices, and trying to find an Orthopedic surgeon in our area.

Reccomendations of anyone you may know in comments would also be very helpful! If you would like to make a cash donation, or would like more details please e-mail me for a phone number.