Sunday, January 1, 2017

North Carolina: Neighbor's two pit bulls attack woman and her dog

NORTH CAROLINA -- Robert Vance Carter Jr. posted on Facebook December 29, 2016 ·

Please pray for Harrison who is pictured on my Facebook page. He was attacked by my neighbors 2 pit bulls. Louise managed to break her ankle and got a bad dog bite that still needs to fixed as a result of trying to break up the dog fight attack. More tomorrow

Shannon Hammons - Oh my goodness! I am so sorry. Hope your lil one is ok and tell Louise Carter I'm thinking of her. I have always thought pit bulls to be very aggressive dogs!

Laura Lacatena Carriker - Did Louise break her ankle? Oh my gosh. Poor thing. Where is Harrison? I looked for a picture. Better get that dog bite taken care of before it gets infected.

Louise Carter - I fractured my ankle in the fray. Spent Thursday night in Presbyterian Hospital's Emergency Clinic. They then referred me to an orthopedic doctor whom I saw on Fridat for both my hand and foot. Never a dull moment.

Louise Carter - Harrison is doing fine now. I can't believe that he survived. He lost so much blood. God bless him!

Laura Lacatena Carriker - I'm so sorry about your dog and also about you. That's terrible. I see people all the time defending pit bulls talking about how sweet they are and about how they're only mean if they're not trained properly and yet when I hear about pit bull attacks there usually lethal.