Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Michigan: Man and his leashed dog attacked by neighbor's loose pit bull

MICHIGAN -- LPO Night Poster posted on Facebook December 30, 2016

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: 800 Blk of Huntington Ln. Caller was just attacked by their neighbor's pit bull. They are bleeding but refusing EMS. They do want police there. The pit bull owner has the dog contained.

The pit bull attacked the callers dog that was on a leash. Someone started hitting the pit bull to get the pit bull off the callers dog.

The caller was then attacked by the pit bull. #Almont


Courtney Scura - Everyone on this post is so dumb. You don't know the whole story. You shouldn't automatically go to killing the dog. Was it provoked by the other dog? Does the pit have prior aggression issues against him? And I don't care who you are, if I'm getting hit by someone I'm going to attack them. The person shouldn't have been dumb and hit the dog. There are smarter ways to go about it. I've owned a lot of pits/bully breeds. They are the sweetest dogs ever and not aggressive at all..

Alan King - Owner is 100% responsible if any breed that drawls blood on human or amimal outside fenced in yard, even in there yard at times.

Courtney Scura - Yeah tell animal control that.. I had a Boston terrier come to my yard, attack my pit and when I broke it up that little dog bit me in the face and drew blood. But I got a ticket.. how does that make sense??

Amy Gibbs - It says they hit the pit bull to get it to stop attacking their dog. Seems right to me.

Rubicon Bob - Bang bang done

Courtney Scura - Well it's not... if you hit the dog it's only going to piss it off more and it's going to get more aggressive... you guys need to learn a thing or two about dogs..

Jesse Salcido Why does it even say pit bull!? Any other breed would state dog attack. It's BS that when it's a pit they name the breed to make sure everyone knows. It's not the breeds fault, its the trainers fault!

Tracey Bon - Soo they should have just let the pit kill the dog that was on leash? You wouldn't do everything to save your dog like hitting the attacker? Why was the pit loose to begin with??

Heather Stevens Tesler - Just because it's a pit doesn't mean shit I have two pits and 6 kids that play pull on the dogs and they have never attacked anyone it's not always because it's a pit. There's other breeds that attack to so people mess to stop attacking pits

John McIntosh - Any time there is discussion regarding dog attacks, in this case a pit bull, owners of the same breed are always quick to defend the breed. " My dog is a sweetheart", or my dog has never been vicious" etc.

In my fire/ems career, I ran many dog attack calls. Not one single time ever have I heard anyone say " yeah, that dog does that all the time".

Usually when I dog latches on to someone and starts ripping their face, hands, neck or legs to shreds, tearing skin and muscle, its the first time for the dog to do that.

So we give them a free pass? How many is an acceptable number? Until it attacks you? Or maybe your child?

I'm sorry, but once a dog draws blood on a human, its should all done. Someone mentioned maybe the dog should go to training before being killed. Seriously, after a dog rips into you, you are perfectly ok just letting it go, and hope it doesnt happen to someone else?

Those 2 dogs that killed the man in Metamora were KNOWN to be vicious aggressive animals, yet nothing was done until after they ripped that man apart, to bleed to death on the side of the road as the dogs ripped him into pieces. At the point a dog aggressively attacks a human, it doesn't matter one little bit what that dogs history is. May have been mistreated, may not have. Its doesn't matter.

When I got attacked walking my pup, I had literally 2-3 seconds to kick the dog back from grabbing my leg as I unholstered and shot it dead in the middle of the road. It was purely self defense. I've seen first hand what a dog is capable of doing to a person. And I sure as hell was not going to negotiate with it, and hope it gets training later. A vicious animal, even if its the first time, should never get a second chance.