Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pennsylvania: Jack Russell named Molly is skinned alive by pit bull

PENNSYLVANIA -- Mick Solé posted on Facebook January 12, 2017

Sent to me from a friend. Help get this dog some treatment. Pass it on.

"I know this sweet ​little dog, and her owner. ​ She is a Jack Russell terrier, and is the owners best friend and companion. ​ ​She was attacked by a pit bull, which went for the throat. ​ Fortunately, (or not), the pit bull only got skin. ​


As is the instinctive method, the dog violently shook the little terrier and ripped the skin from around it's throat, instead of ripping out it's esophagus and carotid artery, which is why the poor little thing is still alive. ​ She will need extensive care, and deserves every bit of it.

All of you know that I never hesitate to donate to any cause that you are committed to. ​ I have never asked for anything from you before. ​Below is the link to a Go Fund Me Page. ​ Please help this little thing. ​ Also, please share it on your Facebook page and Twitter account.


GoFundMe link: Molly's medical care

Created December 28, 2016 by Stacey Suter on behalf of Cathy Armiger

Folks, Molly is a very sweet, unassuming, quiet Jack Russell Terrier, 9 years old who was attached last night by a neighbor's dog "mistakenly let out" while Molly's owner had her out for her daily evening walk.

This will involve major vet care to save her life. Molly's owners, Guy and Cathy Armiger can not afford the care involved. Molly didn't deserve this. Please, please help if you can. And thank you so much.

Tonight's pics of Molly. A real trooper so far...

Ok all. Exciting news! As of Friday evening, the vet was able to stretch Molly's skin after hyperbaric chamber treatments to cover close to 75% of her neck.


 Molly had also yanked out her nasal feeding tube on her own and began to eat of her own accord. With that, the surgeon decided to allow Molly to go home today!

She will be returned to Care Vet Center on Tuesday for additional hyperbaric chamber treatment and stretching and/or skin grafts but, she can spend her evenings in the comfort of her own home. She is clearly elated as she has been resting all afternoon.

Molly home tonight...


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