Monday, January 16, 2017

Mississippi: Miranda Parker was running a non-profit called "Animal Rescue Team". However, police seized animals from three separate properties. At one, it's said they found bones and carcasses.

MISSISSIPPI -- About 40 animals were rescued in Jones County Wednesday night.

The Jones County Sheriff's Office said deputies were called to the abandoned property in reference to a vicious dog.


When deputies showed up to the property, they found the dogs in deplorable conditions, so they called the Southern Cross Animal Rescue for help.

Due to the large number of animals, Southern Cross called Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg for back-up.

Rescuers said dogs were running everywhere, some even getting hit by cars during the process.


"When we got out here and saw emaciated dogs and bones and horse carcasses, it was definitely gut wrenching," SCAR President Heather Williams said.  Director of Southern Pines Shelter Ginny Sims said, "it was vital for their survival to get out of there and get in a safe environment."

Rescuers said the dogs were severely emaciated and many needed urgent medical care.

Gims said some of the dogs had fractured or broken bones, like a puppy at the shelter named Jude.


The puppy had a fractured eye socket and multiple puncture wounds to its head.

In addition to the dogs, 17 horses that had been neglected were also rescued from another property in Jones County.

Owner Miranda Parker says she's an animal rescuer

WDAM 7 News was told the woman in charge of the animals, MIRANDA PARKER, had rescued them herself.

She was responsible for the animals at both locations.

Online posts are identifying Miranda Parker as Miranda Parker Kittrell. 

Jones County, MS Sheriff's Department posted on Facebook January 13, 2017

On January 11, 2017 the Jones County Sheriff’s Department responded to 529 Sandhill Church Road on an animal call.

Deputies arrived at the property to find 13 dogs and puppies roaming freely on the grounds. Seven more dogs were locked in cages without food or water. They were in deplorable conditions. Another puppy was later found injured on the property. A neighbor reported he found a dead horse that had been dragged across the roadway onto another person’s land.

Deputies contacted SCAR and they took possession of the dogs. Miranda Parker was contacted and came to the property. She surrendered all but 2 dogs.

Parker stated the horse "had fallen and broken its neck" on another property of hers and brought it over to the Sandhill Church Road property to be buried.

When questioned about the horses she said she had 17 and their conditions “weren't great”.

On January 12, 2017 deputies responded to 25 Abb Holifield Rd and found 17 horses. A court order was obtained for Homeward Horse and Hound rescue to seize those horses.

An additional court order for Southern Pines Animal Shelter to seize 5 dogs at Parker’s residence at 23 Burnt Bridge Road was also obtained. Parker agreed to surrender those dogs.

An investigation of the circumstances surrounding this case continues and charges are forthcoming. Additional information will be coming in the next few days.


"The owner of these animals is not a horrible person, it's someone who has a lot of compassion for animals. But, when you have compassion for animals you also need to be rational and understand what you can take on financially and what you can't. Because when you can't, this is what we end up with," said Katherine Sammons, vice president of Homeward Horse & Hound Rescue.

Most of the dogs are being housed at the Southern Pines Shelter on North 31st Avenue, in addition to the shelter's normal residents.

Southern Pines is asking for extra volunteers this weekend to help with the large number of animals.


If you want to volunteer, you can go directly to the shelter or call (601) 544-6632. The shelter is open seven days a week.

All the organizations are also asking for donations to help with the large number of animals.  Southern Pines has set up a special fund for ongoing care and medical expenses for the animals.  You can click here to donate.  You can also visit the Southern Pines Animal Shelter Facebook page for more information.

UPDATE: 5 more dogs seized from Miranda Parker's Jones Co. property where she was running a rescue called "Animal Rescue Team"

New details have emerged in an animal abuse case in Jones County.

On Wednesday night, 21 dogs and 17 horses were rescued from an abandoned property.

Jones County Sheriff’s deputies said the dogs were found malnourished and in deplorable conditions. They called the Southern Cross Animal Rescue for help.

Since then, deputies said Southern Pines seized five more dogs from the property Thursday, totaling the amount of animals rescued to over 40.

According to the sheriff’s office, no charges have been filed yet in the case, but authorities have been in contact with the woman who owned the animals. She is identified as Miranda Parker. The sheriff's office said charges are expected in the next couple of days.

WDAM 7 News was told the woman in charge of the animals had rescued them herself.

Most of the dogs are being housed at the Southern Pines Shelter on North 31st Avenue, in addition to the shelter's normal residents.

Southern Pines is asking for extra volunteers this weekend to help with the large number of animals.

If you want to volunteer, you can go directly to the shelter or call (601) 544-6632. The shelter is open seven days a week.


Animal Rescue Team is a Mississippi Non Profit Corporation filed on August 24, 2015 . The company's filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is 1074168

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Kayla K Daley and is located at 291 Jordan Drive, Laurel, MS 39443.

The company has 2 principals on record. The principals are Kayla Knight Daley from Laurel MS and Miranda Parker Kittrell from Raleigh MS.

Company Information
File Number: 1074168
Filing State: Mississippi (MS)
Filing Status: Good Standing
Filing Date: August 24, 2015
Company Age: 1 Year 5 Months
Registered Agent:
Kayla K Daley
291 Jordan Drive
Laurel, MS 39443

Company Contacts
291 Jordan Drive
Laurel, MS 39443

522 Magnolia Road
Raleigh, MS 39153

"We specialize in equine and we are the only 501c3 registered equine rescue in south Mississippi! We also rescue aggressive dogs that usually wouldn't ever have a chance or that most likely would be put down!"


Miranda Parker aliases: Miranda Lynn Parker, Miranda Parker, Miranda Lynn Parker Kittrell, Miranda Kittrell, Miranda Lynn Kittrell, Miranda Kittrell Parker. Other possible aliases: Miranda Lynn Hutson, Miranda Hutson

Her Facebook page, registered as "KrackersneckGrl82" (, has already been yanked down. Also, their official Facebook page for Animal Rescue Team ( has been deleted.


The next questions are:

Were ANY of the seized animals obtained by ART?

 Did they have a falling out and that was why Kayla announced in mid-October that ART was "shutting down"?  

 After Kayla and Miranda went their separate ways, who was left in charge of the non-profit? Someone needed to handle all the legal paperwork regarding unused donations (items needed to be itemized and documented as to where they were donated), cash donations (where they given to another rescue?), animals that were in the middle of being treated for vet care for medical issues, all the animals needed to be documented as to where they went... another rescue, rehomed, euthanized?

 Was Miranda still pulling animals under ART's name even after they announced they were shutting it down?

 Was Miranda left in charge of final disposition for ART's animals? If so, did Miranda lie to Kayla and tell her she had found other rescues to take the animals? 

 Did Kayla Daley know that Miranda Parker was hoarding and starving animals?

Also, whenever a rescue (or someone who is a principal in a rescue group) ends up being raided there are questions as to what was going on before the raid. 

 How much money including donations was collected for various issues? A full accounting of what was collected, what was spent, if money was raised for a specific dog, where is proof that that dog received the care? 

 How many animals did ART take in during its time? Were they pulling from various shelters? Were they buying horses from slaughter auctions? Were they acting like a shelter and taking in unwanted animals from the general public?

 Where are all those animals now? Where is proof of this? 

Unfortunately, when you decide to go into business with someone you're attached at the hip to them. Even if Kayla said ART was shutting down, her name is still on all the paperwork legally binding her to it. Should the IRS come knocking on the door, you are going to have to provide all this information or there will be serious legal problems for both parties. Full disclosure by the founders of this 501c3 is what's needed at this point.

Kayla Daley posted on Facebook October 14, 2016 ·
ART rescue is officially shutting down. we need placement of about 6-7 horses. they are fully vetted but about 3 need more weight and we are not prepared to go into winter with starved horses. few are ready for adoption and I am willing to waive the adoption fee for a perfect approved home for these horses. believe me from being in equine rescue I can honestly tell you it is easier to maintain a healthy horse than to rehab a sick and starved one back to health especially through the winter months. we are asking for other rescues' help as well if you can take on any of our horses or know a good placement for them I would greatly appreciate it. thank you.


HOMEWARD HORSE & HOUND OF MISSISSIPPI releases a 2nd statement (after the first one seemed to sympathize too much for Miranda Parker:


Shannon Stewart added 3 new photos January 13, 2017

I am floored to hear on the news that this is a "compassionate"person! No words for that starved dog. The puppy's little face is so swollen from busted eye socket and puncture wounds to the head!? I've worked hoarding cases and the animals weren't in this bad of shape!! And this is 2 out of over 40 dogs and horses. Miranda Kittrell Parker should do time for this! And that's the nicest thing I can say. Anybody else and they would be hanging them by now!!

Lynn Cook Parks - How could someone who calls their self a rescuer condone this? She should never be allowed to own an animal of any kind. Hell she is an animal! An evil, cruel, heartless animal!!!/

Jessie Rogers - I'm sure she did it for attention. If you truly know her, you would know she just does stuff for attention. She just picked the wrong way to do it.

Amanda Helms Hazelton - So that's why I've seen her all over my news feed begging for land to lease for her rescue horses...OMG I TRIED TO HELP THIS WOMAN!!!

Shannon Stewart - Lots of us were fooled. And some of us paid dearly for trying to help her. And it was pure manipulation the entire time.

Shannon Stewart - I've been told she will NOT be prosecuted. If that's the case, we as rescuers, can expect to never get justice for animals again! This is the worst I have ever seen.

Valerie Anne Shortridge - What the hell was she thinking leaving these dogs and horses like this? I am furious Shannon Stewart. Why did she ever get into rescuing if she never really cared for animals well being? This is so crazy! Im just finding out it was Miranda. Im in shock! Why didn't she ask for help for these dogs rather than leaving them to suffer? She is crazy! 😡😡😡

Shannon Stewart - Exactly Jackie Penney and Valerie Anne Shortridge! And Horse and hound has deleted every comment that anyone posted against her. She took them from the streets and sent to hell and torture to pay her own bills. Compassion?! Wtf?!

Candy Whiteside - What excuse are they giving for not prosecuting?!? What agency needs to be yelled at/ contacted for allowing this?

Jackie Penney - No excuse. They say charges are pending.

LeAnn Horn - I was told she has an active warrant . was also told her cousin Alex knows where she is and has plans on arresting her Monday .

Kay Lowery Bhatti - She better be! She's no better than the next person. I know people, myself included, that would sell my clothes, property, or beg before I let my animals get like that. I know for a fact she has gone up to people's houses and accused them of the very same thing and even taken their animals but it wasn't because there was anything wrong with the animals, it was for other reasons, which I won't name here. I'm just mad, mad, mad!!!!!!

Janet Polson - She needs to be charged for animal abuse and stealing money and if her mother and anyone else that knew the situation needs to be arrested. Poor animals needs justice they can't speak for themselves.

Pray for these God's creatures to recover and find loving homes. Pray that Miranda Parker gets her long due what goes around comes around. Gosh she is evil.

Janet Polson - I have a question Why wasn't the shelter checking up on her?

Lisa Smith - I wondered this too

Some of the horses from the rescue ART

(WDAM - Jan 12, 2017)


  1. I would like to clarify some of the information that you have wrong since I see my comments were used on this entry. First of all, I was a member of ART rescue and it IS NOT and HAS NOT been in operation for several months now. Your information was totally inaccurate. Miranda Kitrell was not in any way still associated with Kayla Daley. Kayla and Marcy's concerns were getting the horses that were rescued by ART and placing them in good homes, which they were. This is what caused the dissolution of ART and of their association with Miranda. There were only a very few dogs rescued by ART in the conception phase but very soon turned to all equine. Miranda took it upon herself to want aggressive dogs. She hoarded so many and it led to major problems. You showed a picture of Kayla on your page and involved her in this recent incident, in which she had NOTHING to do with, as well as Marcy Cera. This is totally unfair to blast someone's picture, address and make accusations about a non-existent group. Miranda was arrested today and no one else! She is the only guilty party in this. You should take Kayla's information down from this site as well as make a retraction on your post. Anyone can Google something but that doesn't mean they dug deep enough or know the true situation in the story!

    Kay Bhatti

    1. I will do an edit to show more of a separation from the story regarding the animal seizure and questions regarding the 501c3 and I'll go ahead and remove her photo for now. However, I think transparency is important at this point. Has a dissolution been filed with the IRS for this non-profit? Were ANY of the animals seized recently obtained by ART or in ART's name? Is there an accounting of all animals taken in by ART and their dispositions as of today? Is there an accounting of all the donated items and money collected as well as proof of monies spent?

  2. Yes, a dissolution was filed and approved by the Secretary of State on November 1, 2016. All of our rescued horses were adopted via adoption process. Along with the dissolution, Kayla and Miranda no longer had any association with each other. The horses seized were all Miranda's that she obtained on her own. There is book work that covers all accounting procedures during ART's existence, which included donations and monies spent. I know that for fact because I was a major donor and contributor. I was always given paperwork for anything I gave or did. The law enforcement have been notified of this posting by Kayla due to her not being involved. They, themselves know that she was not involved. Her and her family have been upstanding in this community for generations. She just got involved with someone unlike herself. She does NOT deserve this type of negative attention. You can visit and click on charities and then go to charities search then animal rescue team. Put in Animal Rescue Team and see what results you will get. Zero! Since this rescue does NOT exist, please also remove anything with Kayla's address or name on it that is related to this issue. I also would like for the conversation from my personal FB page to be removed. I gave no permission for that to be used. This is defamatory in the least!

  3. Another post on the abuse you may garner some info from including the comments.