Friday, January 13, 2017

Missouri: Family visits from NY and bring their dog named Auggie with them. At their hotel, Auggie gets mauled by a pit bull

MISSOURI -- Evelyn Varrelli posted on Facebook January 8, 2017

Mike and Margaret little ten pound dog Auggie was attacked by a pit bull at the hotel where they are staying while visiting here from New York this morning took him to emergency vet. but haven't had a update yet on his condition hopefully Mikes quick reaction to get the dog off of Auggy kept the episode from being so serious

PatriciaorPatrick Williams - Oh my goodness did they report it to the hotel management. I hope the dog will be ok. Keep us all posted

Evelyn Varrelli - the lady who owns the dog lives at the hotel begged them not to report it to the hotel but they are going to because next time it could be a person she had it staked out doors in this zero weather and when it lunged at Auggie it pulled out of it's collar haven't received any more info yet they had to put Auggie out so that's takes time to recover

Evelyn Varrelli - he doing fine thank goodness the pit got him in his back area not his throat chewed up pretty bad has to wear on of those medical hoods so he won't lick or chew the area

PatriciaorPatrick Williams - When are the kids headed home

Evelyn Varrelli - they will be her until I believe Saturday back to St.Louis Mike is on sabatacal spelt wrong but you know what I mean


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