Saturday, January 28, 2017

Oklahoma: Bond revoked for ex-Muskogee firefighter Zack Perry accused of child porn, sex with dog

OKLAHOMA -- Zackery Perry, who is charged in Muskogee County District court with multiple child pornography charges and charges of having sex with sexually abusing a dog with an unidentified female, is in Muskogee County Jail after he was arrested yesterday around 3 p.m.


District Attorney Orvil Loge filed a motion on Jan. 24 to revoke Zackery Blaine Perry’s $25,000 bond because of the severity of the charges against him, stating “The Defendant is a direct threat to every child.

Further, the Defendant has access to the internet and his online accounts which he used in the commission of his crimes.”

A Muskogee judge granted Loge’s motion and revoked the bond.


(Muskogee Now - January 27, 2017)