Sunday, January 8, 2017

South Dakota: Charged with 37 COUNTS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY, puppy mill breeder Janell Gibson is accused of abusing nearly 80 animals - including 3 dead puppies. Judge Marya Tellinghuisen let her walk right out the door with just a $750 bond.

SOUTH DAKOTA -- A Creighton woman wanted on 37 counts of inhumane treatment of an animal turned herself in Friday and posted bond.

Janell Misty Gibson, 46, appeared at the Pennington County Courthouse, where her criminal charges were read before Magistrate Judge Marya Tellinghuisen.

The charges allege that she neglected 76 animals, as well as three dead puppies, found last month in her Creighton puppy mill breeding facility, about 20 miles north of Wall, South Dakota.

Deputies found most of the animals inside a barn on the property.

“Once inside the smell was wretched and almost unbearable,” said a report filed by Deputy Cory Dressler. “The smell was that of animal feces and urine.”

Gibson tells customers that her puppies are raised with love in a home environment when really they lived in cages and crates in an ammonia-filled barn, some never leaving these cages. They existed to churn out more puppies to be sold by Gibson who would drive to other locations to meet with buyers so they would never see the conditions that the "breeders" were forced to live in. Gibson has been raking in the cash for more than 10 years from the suffering of these animals. 


Really, it's akin to a pimp and a prostitute. The prostitute does all the work and endures all the suffering while the pimp collects and enjoys the rewards of her work.

Tellinghuisen set Gibson’s bond at $750 cash or surety and ordered her not to have any contact with animals. Gibson is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday before another judge.

Authorities removed 76 live animals from Gibson’s facility Dec. 20 and placed them at the local animal shelter after many were found emaciated.

Janell Gibson, who is married to Glenn Gibson / Glenn Albert Gibson (why isn't he being charged?) has seemingly gone by several different names including:

Janell Misty Munsch, Jannell Daugherty, Janell Misty Daugherty, Janell M Munch, Janell Misty Stack. For the 2012 census, she is listed as Janelle Munsch so there may be variations with Janelle spelled with an 'e' on the end with all of these different last names.

Also, who are David Eisenbraun and Maria Eisenbraun??

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Back in February 2016, the Pennington County Planning Commission revoked a conditional use permit that had allowed Gibson to operate a kennel. However, apparently they just expected Gibson to comply and shut down the breeding business that she'd been running for at least 10 years... no one bothered to go out to the property to verify that she had complied.

After being pinned in the corner for an answer, PJ Conover, director of the Pennington County Planning Department, claimed that there were no regulations regarding such follow-up inspections.

So let me get this straight. You tell someone to stop running a business and you just go about your merry way assuming they've done what you told them? That's how you think a planning commission is run? Fascinating...

I guess they figured Gibson would 'do the right thing' even though the reason her permit was revoked was because a January 2016 inspection of the property said problems included: out-of-date rabies vaccinations, dogs being kept in airline crates where they stood in their own urine and feces, a dog that appeared to be suffering from neurological problems, and generally unsanitary conditions such as urine-stained wooden enclosures.

So because of the failures and finger-pointing of the Pennington County Planning Commission, these dogs were left to suffer for another 10 MONTHS until they were seized in December 2016.