Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tennessee: Poor pig mauled by neighbor's pit bull, has his ear ripped off. Pig's owner shoots and kills pit bull

TENNESSEE -- Christina Perrin Benoit with Shayne J Benoit posted on Facebook January 8, 2017

My nerves are frazzled right now. Pit bull attack. All I can do is thank God it destroyed my pig and not one of my kids. It's just now hitting me how bad this could have been.


Jennie Eakes - I hope that dog is put up or put down .

Jackie Bradley - Oh my goodness! So thankful it wasn't one of you!

Christina Perrin Benoit - The police are involved now. Taking statements and looking at all the damage. This is horrible :(

Jackie Bradley - Yes it is. I'm so sorry. That's really terrifying!

Tracie Hill Prichard - Yikes! I'm sorry

Carol Fontenot - That terrible,bless yall heart.


Christina Perrin Benoit - Shayne had to shoot the dog to get it off our pig but it didn't kill the dog just yelped and ran off. Poor pig was screaming in pain. The dog completely ripped her ear off and looks like it broke her leg. Duck has blood all over her too. Animals are scattered and I can't find a couple of them.

Christina Perrin Benoit posted on Facebook January 13, 2017

I've had several people asking for an update so this is what's happened (leaving out the huge mess this has caused):

I shot and helped butcher my pig because our neighbors pit bull attacked her and maimed her to the point she had to be put down. That pit bull is now dead because Shayne shot it while it was attacking our pig. The same pit bull got out and attacked one of our roosters in our yard the week before all this but luckily our rooster survived that attack. Our last duck died shortly after the pig attack...I saw her only for a moment after the attack and she had blood on her and then a little while later she was dead. We are now down to only chickens, rabbits and our sweet Garçon.


Carmen Frye-Hudson - So what actually happened to the dog? I not see where the last duck was dead following the pig being attacked... Sounds like a mess, I JUST heard on the news the other day that if law enforcement attempts to go to a home and a dog so much as barks aggressively, they have the right to shoot the dog.

Christina Perrin Benoit - The dog was in our back yard attacking our pig. I screamed and hollered trying to get it to let loose then told shayne to get the gun. Shayne came out and shot the dog (still attacking the pig). The dog yelped, let go of the pig and ran off. We found out the next day he died.

Carmen Frye-Hudson - Wow, that's terrible y'all had to go through all of this. I'm sorry. I live animals but not aggressive ones, if they'll attack your livestock, what's next... Your children :( you did what you had to do. What I would have done!!!

Donia Amburn - I was attacked by a Great Dane when I was 9 years old and I am still afraid of big dogs. This sounds like a horrifying ordeal. I hope the children did not have to witness any of it. A dog attack can be a very traumatic event. It's a good thing that it wasn't one of your children and I'm glad that Shane was able to stop that dog from hurting anything or anyone else

Note: I know it can be a bit jarring to read that the pig ended up being shot and butchered, but remember this pig was being raised for that very purpose. The owner says the pig couldn't be saved so there must have been a lot more injuries than just a ripped off ear. He was raised on a farm and allowed to roam around and root in the grass like pigs were meant to do -- not locked in a small pen in a building and never allowed to wallow in the mud or enjoy being outside, like the poor pigs that are raised at factory farms. 

Also, the pit bull was shot and killed so it won't be attacking and killing any more animals - and will never have a chance to attack and kill a child.


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