Sunday, January 15, 2017

United Kingdom: Police investigating after man walking his Husky lets his dog attack cat, then throws cat so hard its bladder bursts, killing Onyx the cat

UNITED KINGDOM -- Onyx, an eight-year-old black cat, was left with devastating injuries after the attack near her home in Southampton and was unable to walk.

Witnesses claim the suspect was a man walking his dog. He apparently watched as his Husky, who was muzzled, first attacked the cat by trampling on her.

The dog walker then approached Onyx himself, picked her up by the legs and launched her over a fence, with force, into bushes next to a pond.

Kerry Kingston, Onyx’s devastated owner, found out about the horrifying attack from a neighbor who witnessed it happen. She believes the attacker was trying to throw Onyx into the water.

Kingston, 52, immediately rushed to the cat’s aid. Sadly, they found her unable to walk and suffering from horrific injuries.

The cat’s bladder had burst as a result of the attack, and just hours later she had to be put down by vets.

Police and the RSPCA are now investigating the injuries, and a vet has said the cat’s injuries were consistent with an attack.

‘I was so upset, cross and angry,’ Kingston said. ‘If Onyx had died from old age or from being hit by a car we might could have accepted it more easily. She must have been so scared. She was a lovely little cat and never caused any trouble.’

A spokeswoman from Hampshire Constabulary confirmed the force is investigating, adding: ‘We received a report of a dog attacking a cat on Mescott Meadows just after 2pm on Monday January 9.

‘It was reported that the owner of the dog then picked the cat up and threw it. The cat was later put down.’

(Metro UK - Jan 14, 2017)

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