Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kentucky: Deputies searching for suspect in mini-horse stabbing

KENTUCKY -- A mini-horse name Princess was attacked twice in a week first by a pit-bull, and then by someone with a knife.

Right now the Shelby County Sheriff's Office isn't saying if the two cases are connected, but they do have a suspect.

Yeah, we all know who did it...

However, many around town are questioning why someone would try and hurt such a harmless animal.


If you've ever driven down Jail Hill Road in Shelbyville you may have caught a glimpse of Princess, the mini-horse.

"People stop by and want to ride the horse, or neighbors will have birthday parties, and I'll take the horse to their yard and they'll play with it a little bit,” William Bruns said.

However, when William Bruns came home last week he saw a horrific scene.

"I had a pit-bull attacking my horse, and we couldn't get it off of her,” said Bruns.  “We had to end up shooting the dog to get her off of my horse."

KSP and Shelby Co. Animal Control cleared Bruns for shooting the dog, but that was far from the end of it.

"Somebody showed up at my door saying it was my dog, and they weren't happy that I killed the dog,” Bruns said.

While Bruns didn't think much of it at the time he quickly discovered someone took issue with his horse.

"Tuesday afternoon I came out and found my horse had been stabbed twice, and the knife broke off in her just behind her rib cage,” Bruns said.

Thankfully Princess survived the attack, but this time Bruns called the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

"We have some things that we're looking at,” said Maj. Jason Rice of the Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office.  “Of course we were able to retrieve the knife.  Hopefully we can get some evidence off of the knife itself."


"This was done intentionally,” said Bruns.  "I think it’s real sick.  I think it's inhumane.  You know just to come and stab a horse because you might have a problem with your neighbor that's pretty bad."

The Sheriff's office is hoping they can get finger prints off the knife.

Once those results they will send their findings to the Commonwealth Attorney who will decide whether Animal Cruelty charges are appropriate.

(WHAS11 - Jan 27, 2017)