Thursday, February 2, 2017

Texas: "My precious baby Cayden was attacked by a Pit Bull last night."

TEXAS -- Brianna Shannon Gunn posted on Facebook Jan 30, 2017

My precious baby Cayden was attacked by a Pit Bull last night. Multiple stitches, cuts, scratches, swollen and lots of bruises. He was so brave and did such a good job last night for the doctors.


He is very sore today and in a lot of pain. He hasn't left my side all day. He keeps telling me he is scared of dogs now and they are all mean. It was heart breaking listening to his screams. I know i did my part and got the dog off him but i just can't get over all this. My heart is sad. Wish i could take all the pain away from him.

I am greatful God was with him and that this was all the damaged that happened. I know it could have been a lot worse.

Nikki Gordon - Poor baby, glad he was ok. Was that a neighbors dog or something

Laura Lee Johnson - Glad he is safe !


Brianna Shannon Gunn - Yes it was the next door neighbors dog

Brianna Shannon Gunn - Cayden wasn't doing anything to the dog and wasn't even by him when he attacked him which makes it a worse situation.

Deborah Reeves - My heart goes out to him! I was attacked by a pit when I was 22, it took a while for me at that age to be around another big dog. I would shake and start crying if a big dog came near me. So he's going to have a little ways before he can be around big dogs. But I pray his arm gets better and he can be comfortable around dogs again soon.

Brianna Shannon Gunn
Yesterday at 2:09pm ·
Finally sleeping. He had a rough night. Pain medicine has kicked in now and hopefully he can sleep for awhile. Just want to take all his pain away.