Sunday, February 26, 2017

North Carolina: Next door neighbor "rescues" pit bulls. They've attacked her, killed her dog and now they've attacked her daughter

NORTH CAROLINA -- Andrea Long Jackson posted on Facebook February 25, 2017

My daughter Amber was attacked by the neighbors pit bull this evening. One of the same bunch (pack) that attacked me & Chaos a couple months ago.

We just got home from the ER. They done fucked up. Seeing the Lawyer Monday. THESE are the idiots that are the reason WHY Pit Bulls have such a bad rep. If you can't control your fucking shouldn't be able to own them. Mama's seriously pissed. BEYOND pissed but sad also. I HATE having to contribute to the bad statistics concerning Pit Bulls. I love my pittiebabies...but after all this...I don't think I'll be getting anymore in the future.  :(

Ricki Rogers Williams - I bet that scared her to death! How is she doing?

Andrea Long Jackson - She's doing ok right now. She's in pain and wondering how she's gonna do her job come Monday. Lou, I don't think I ever posted when they attacked me. The 4 ( or 5) pits next door broke thru the fence when I was outside with Chaos. I was laying over top of him to keep the dogs from attacking him and one of the dogs peeled a couple strips of my scalp. We ended up having to have Chaos put down. He had gotten a few deep punctures that went thru his skull (frontal lobe). He had almost immediate personality changes and became extremely aggressive.

I blame these idiots for everything. They KNOW their dogs can JUMP a 6ft fucking privacy fence...use their bodies as battering rams to break the fence...and attack any dog they see. Usually one of mine. I'm done with this. We're pressing charges & seeing the lawyer on Monday. Animal Control seized the one dog that bit Amber and it will be euthanized since this is the 2nd documented attack. Now... the remaining ones need to go. I love Pitties. Anyone that knows me knows this... but this pack is dangerous

Mimi Zimmerman - I hope you got a police report. That will help.

Mimi Zimmerman - Poor amber. It's not the dog, it's how they raised the dog. People like that should not have dogs. And if you know your dog is aggressive then have a fenced in yard so people don't hurt tell amber I'm praying for a speedy recovery.

Andrea Long Jackson - Mimi, the neighbor lady volunteers at the Hoke City Animal Control. All these pits are ones she has "rescued". Ticking time bombs  :( I'm all for rescue...but sadly, you have no idea what that dog has been thru or what "triggers" they have.

Amber Rhoades - Both our yards are fenced with a 6ft privacy fence but the side we share is in disrepair and they've known since they moved in that it needed fixing since it's legally their fence but they haven't done anything the fence jumping is a new thing the one called Titus learn how to do just this week he clears it like it's an Olympic event...he's the one that got taken. I'm okay just now starting to feel pain from the stitches and took some meds, Dante our foster dog is okay a little shaken but in good spirits he's has some superficial wounds around his ear and chest thankfully he's going to his new home tmrw he's had a rough week I'm just glad he didn't get hurt worse ??

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