Sunday, February 26, 2017

Alabama: Woman's small dog attacked by 2 pit bulls while it was in its own yard

ALABAMA -- Dajia Brown posted on Facebook on February 22, 2017

All I'm going to say is if my dog die I'm going crazy. Idgaf who has anything to say about it. Y'all already let the mfs kill somebody else dog WITHOUT saying anything until WEEKS later. THEN, y'all dogs was the ones that came in OUR yard fw my dog. I'll be DAMNED if y'all get away w/ this one. Y'all won't even answer calls or reply to messages.

My mama just called me CRYING saying she don't think Mini gonna make it, IF my dog die on my mama somebody better be ready to run it. Idgaf if you a nigga or female but we bumpin. Young or old y'all better come w/ it.

Dajia Brown added 3 new photos - They shaved her fur at the vet to get to the wound properly. Now y'all, imagine if it was a CHILD that those dogs would have attacked. Still debating on whether I should leave it alone or try contacting the police again. ?? You can literally see the inside of my baby's body.

James Brock - Dang what happend

Dajia Brown - Some pits got loose, came in the yard, & attacked my baby. 

Dajia Brown - Well 2 pits to be exact

James Brock - Oh that's messed up.Victoria Brown Dajia that's family and I think that we should talk to them first...

Denetria Gibson - She'll never heal right. That's fucked up. Do what you gotta do cause it could be a child the next time

Georgina Doughty - Go to police

Maiya Cobb - How's she doing?

Dajia Brown - She high right now from her meds but she's doing a little better. She won't eat dog food but she has to eat her meds w/ food so she ate my burger w/ it. ??


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