Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ohio: Emaciated dog with large bedsores and wounds on his paws and legs is rescued as animal groups solicit donations to help him recover

OHIO -- Animal lovers and good Samaritans are being asked to donate money to help rehabilitate an emaciated dog that was found tied up outside in the freezing cold in suburban Ohio on Saturday.

The two-year-old pit bull mix, Amos, was recovered by Fido’s Companion Rescue and admitted to West Park Animal Hospital over the weekend.

He was found in Lorain, Ohio, with two large bedsores on his backside, the result of prolonged periods of time being confined to a cage, according to Cleveland Plain Dealer.

On Friday, Fido’s Companion Rescue, which is a non-profit, volunteer-based rescue organization, collected $1,600 in a fundraiser.

Most of that money was spent to begin the process of caring for Amos, who will need surgery to heal the bedsores.

Amos also suffers from open wounds on his paws and legs.

The veterinarian treating him, Dr. Kari Swedenborg, has already administered intravenous antibiotics and other medication.

Those seeking to donate toward Amos’ recovery can contact West Park Animal Hospital or Fido’s Companion Rescue.

(Daily Mail - Jan 29, 2017)