Sunday, February 12, 2017

Oregon: Golden Retriever puppy abandoned to die inside apartment after owner went back home to China

OREGON -- A Golden Retriever puppy was found alive after being left alone for a month in an apartment by his owner, a University of Oregon college student.

The four-month-old puppy, named Jake, weighed ten pounds, according to KVAL.

Eugene Animal Services said in a release: 'On November 30, an animal welfare officer responded to Uncommon Apartments for an abandoned animal.

'The property manager called after receiving an e-mail from an 18-year-old male tenant reporting he had returned home to China and believed his dog was dead inside the unit.'

According to Eugene Animal Services, 'the officer found an severely underweight and lethargic puppy unable to stand.

'The estimated 4-month-old golden retriever was taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital and spent two days receiving around the clock care.'

Eugene Animal Services said when Jake was stable, he was taken to First Avenue Shelter and put in foster care.

Jake was probably left alone for a month before he was saved, KVAL reported.

Molly Monette, who is the Eugene Police Department's Animal Welfare Supervisor, told The Register-Guard: 'There was a bag of food in the apartment that (Jake) didn't have access to.

'So we don't know if there was someone that was going to take care of him and wasn’t showing up. There was a food dish with no food and water in it.

'When we got there, there was access to nothing. So we don't know how long he was left with no food and water.'

Jake is currently six months old and 35 pounds, yet his growth was possibly stunted by that month, she told newspaper.

The Eugene Animal Services release said: 'After two months of close observation from Greenhill Humane Society’s Veterinary Team, he reached a healthy weight. The puppy was named Jake by staff and was adopted by his foster family.'

Attempts to contact Jake's owner proved unsuccessful, it said.

According to release: 'Further investigation by Animal Services and Eugene police detectives found that he left the country on October 29, and has not returned or enrolled for the new term at the university. The man remains a suspect in the case.'

Monette told KVAL: 'When he didn't return in time for classes to start, his visa was suspended. So he has not returned and we have not had contact with him.'

He'll just wait until the statute of limitations has run out then he'll come back.

She was Jake's foster parent and adopted Jake, explaining to the TV station: 'He has become the therapy dog for the department. So he is the newest addition to the Eugene Police Department.'

(Daily Mail - Feb 11, 2017)

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