Sunday, February 12, 2017

Texas: "she petted the dog n everything n walked past it to get to the door and before she could get up the porch the dog attacked her"

TEXAS -- Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole added 3 new photos on Facebook February 11, 2017

My heart dropped this morning.. When i woke up to the messages sayin Angel got attacked by a Pit bull.. Idk what i would have done if somethin happen to her I love my babygurl she is ok though and even tho she is in pain and got attacked by the pit bull she is still my lil G she still strong enough to want to go and support her teammates LadyCats at their game Even tho she cant play right now...So we our on our way! Love my babies!

Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole - Shes gonna be in pain she got sum holes in her hvn seen them yet cause theyre all wrapped up but the dog caught her on her left side and left thigh dad seen it and stopped it or it coulda been alot worse shook us all up but him more cause he was there i was sleep -_-

Adriene Buckley - Thank god dad was there cause don't know what ida done my poor babygirl, I love her to the moon an beyond eternity!!!

Valerie Ramirez - Dang that's crazy. Just a stray pit? I hope she has a full recovery.

Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole - No it was her friends dad went to pick the lil gurl up so they could go to the school they had a game and needed be there for the bus cause its in victoria well dad pulled up to get her friend and told angel to go knock on the door when she walked up she petted the dog n everything n walked past it to get to the door and before she could get up the porch the dog attacked her it was their dog

Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole - But it was ok with her pettin him it waited fa her back to turn to get up on the porch and attacked her after

Jonathan Romeo Lopez - I would of chocked that dog to death

Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole - Dad was able to get it off of her lucky she is ok cause dad prolly woulda went to jail fa killin the dog smh we love animals to death but if it woulda been one of my babies i woulda put their asses down behind biting a child they kno better to snap or bite at children smh

Jaimi K Chastain - I know angel was hurt ...But it sucks a dog looses his life ..The owner teaches the dog the way the dog was treated the way it was raised ..It's just a shame the dog is the one that losses his life ...Is it a one time thing ...I know y'all r dog lovers I'm just asking if the dog is a second Chance candidate ..My pit was RC would bite a man and protected KIYA ..I am not saying what it did wasn't wrong .The owners should have had there dog away from others

Seriously, Jaimi? You're so concerned about this pit bull being put down. What about the 10 million perfectly friendly animals put down yearly because no one wants them but you're gonna question if it's right that a vicious dog be put down? 

Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole - Well from all the information gathered the dog was already aggressive before they had it and it tried ta get my sisters boyfriend a few days prior to this happening when they were all outside but because he wasn hurt and it was his friends dog he didn say nothin about it but it freaked my mom out but other than that either way i have had plenty of dogs and have 6 now and not one of them have ever tryed to bite a child with or without me here and if they ever bit any child God Forbid cause they know better i wouldn hesitate to put it down and i kno i raise mine right... and it has not yet been determined on what theyre gonna do with the dog yet so we'll jus have to wait and see

Apparently she's been bombarded with posts from people blaming her sister for the attack:

Alyssa Mrz'Aj Nichole - I think its ridiculous on how much negativity u get outta a child gettn attacked by a dog smh yes my sister got attacked yass shes ok no shes not dead no she didn tease the dog in any way she is the biggest animal lover ull ever meet and has the biggest heart towards any and everybody and yes she smart enough to kno right from wrong and is by far from being retarded shes very fkn smart so whoever had sumn to say that was negativity jus kno that i could care less cause God dont like ugly and nothin goes unseen by Him! Ima leave it in his hands and those who had negative post or tried to be funny about the situation jus kno Karma! Thankyou fa everyone who sent prayers and Thankyall for all yalls negativity too cause either way my sister is gonna be jus fine and at the end of the day thats all that matters to me! May each and everyone of yall the good and the bad have a blessed day!😘💁✌💯