Sunday, February 12, 2017

Virginia: Lhasa Apso named CoCo mauled by pit bull

VIRGINIA -- Help CoCo attacked by Pitbull mix
Created February 9, 2017 by Becky Doss-Mullins

This precious little girl was attacked in her own backyard. Owner of the dog who attacked her is denying it happened.

She has liver damage and is fighting for her life. The vet bills are already adding up. Please help and if you can't please at least share.

Thank you

Coco is home. She is unable to use her right front leg, hopefully with time she will be able to walk again with 4 legs. She is extremely weak, but resting. Please continue to donate as we have continuing medical bills and will be moving into legal action. Thank you for all the help and support

Front view of chest wounds and how close he was to killing her