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Florida: “I never would have done anything to hurt my dogs.” Maurice Lincoln doesn't understand that neglect IS cruelty

FLORIDA -- Investigators from Animal Care and Control removed two dogs from a West Palm Beach home, saying the dogs were covered in their own waste and on the brink of starvation.

“They were definitely emaciated when they came in here and had it not been for an anonymous person reporting this situation to us, these animals no doubt would have died,” said Captain Dave Walesky of Animal Care and Control.


Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officers were notified of the dogs’ condition Jan. 3 after receiving an anonymous complaint.

A second complaint was called in Jan. 6. The caller stated the dogs were in airline crates and that their bones were visible from a lack of nutrition.

When animal control officers showed up at the home on the 500 block of 19th Street, west of North Dixie Highway, they found a Welsh Springer Spaniel mix lying outside on the concrete and unable to move, the report said. The dog’s fur was stained yellow by urine.

Lincoln told officers that the dog’s name is Sugar Bear and that he wanted to surrender the animal, the report states.

A Maltese mix named Bella weighing 3 to 5 pounds was found inside the home allegedly in similar condition.


A veterinarian for animal care and control said that both dogs were “extremely emaciated” and would not have lived much longer if they had not been found. The dogs had no body fat and even their muscle mass had been consumed by their bodies, the report said.

The dogs were removed in January. After a few months of proper care, they have both now recovered and are doing well.

The investigation wrapped up on Tuesday with the arrest of the owner, Maurice Lincoln.

“I never would have done anything to hurt my dogs,” Lincoln told WPBF 25 News.


Lincoln showed a WPBF 25 News crew the food and water he had in his apartment for the dogs. He repeatedly insisted he did nothing wrong.

“Anybody knows I would never do anything to harm my dogs,” he said.


Lincoln said the dogs, named Sugar Bear and Bella, just stopped eating. He said he called Animal Care and Control for help.

“Did you try taking them to the vet to get them care if they were having problems eating?” WPBF 25 News reporter Ari Hait asked Lincoln.

“When I noticed they weren’t eating, then I called (Animal Care and Control) and that’s when they came out. So I didn’t really have time to take them to the vet.

Liar, liar, pants on on fire. An anonymous person called and complained saying he was starving them to death.

Investigators said the condition the dogs were in could not have been caused by a short period of time not eating because of sickness. They said the dogs had been so badly neglected by Lincoln, he was charged with felony cruelty to animals.

A current photo of the dog, who is still recovering

“It’s not true,” Lincoln said. “I’m just telling you, that’s not true. Sugar Bear wouldn’t eat.”

The dogs spent a few weeks at ACC and then were placed in confidential animal rescues so Lincoln wouldn’t try to get them back.

Lincoln posted $6,000 bond and was freed from jail.

The little dog is still recovering, but doing well

Arrest Information
Full Name: Maurice D Lincoln
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 06/17/1974
Block: 500 19th St
City: West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
Arrest Age :42
Time: 11:35 AM
Arresting Agency: PBSO
STATUTE: 828.12-3009

STATUTE: 828.12-3009

(WPBF - March 16, 2017)

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