Saturday, March 18, 2017

Oklahoma: Ashley Frost charged with animal cruelty after three horses starved to death

OKLAHOMA -- "It's just sad people don't take care of their animals," says a neighbor who wants to remain anonymous.

Court documents state Ashley Frost (believed aliases Ashley Elizabeth Shreve, Ashley Shreve, Ashley Elizabeth Frost, age 38 - born November 1978) has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty after deputies found three of her five horses dead on this property.

Frost kept the horses at her mother's home off Highway 29 and North 3240 Road.

Her ex husband told deputies he wasn't allowed on the property to care for them.

In January, deputies searched the pasture and found three horse carcasses.

"People live out in the country here just so they can have their animals," says neighbor Vicki Somers. "Anybody that doesn't take care of them should be treated the same way as the animals."

The report states deputies found the decaying carcass of one horse inside a barn and two more at the south end of the property.

Frost told deputies she couldn't afford the vet bill for the horses when they became sick over a year ago. She tells deputies the three died a few months ago.

"If she didn't have the money to take care of them and she got them in the divorce, she shouldn't have kept them," says Somers.

"I just hope that it's taken care of efficiently and I think our Sheriff will do that," says the neighbor.

Frost was supposed to turn herself in to the Garvin County Sheriff's Office Tuesday afternoon, but did not.

Deputies tell us she's waiting for her attorney to go with her.

Frost's mom will not face charges. She declined to comment.

It appears that her mother is 75-years-old. Since they haven't charged her, I'm guessing her mom didn't know what was going on back at the barn and pasture and took her daughter's word for it that everything was fine. 

The two remaining horses are said to be in good condition so they weren't removed from the property.


(KXII - March 15, 2017)

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