Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Georgia: Woman recounts how, three years ago, she was mauled by a pit bull

GEORGIA -- Miriam Gonzalez posted on Facebook March 6, 2017

Three years ago I was scared. Three years ago I was confused. Three years ago I was attacked by two pit bulls. Three years ago I couldn't walk. Three years ago I cried in agony. Three years ago only God knew the pain I was in. 

I can't explain it- I can't determine why it happened to me. All I know is two thousand and some years love hung on the cross. Our transgressions and pain were washed away-were paid for by my king. All I know is that three years ago I fell in a deep genuine love. That unconditional love. That love that hurts - that love that trusts- the love that confides. I learned to truly let God love me-heal me physically and emotionally.

I can't explain it all - but I know this God is and remains faithful. Never will I be able to explain how it felt to be held in his arms. Call me crazy- I don't mind.

I know that three years ago God held me in his arms and led me through the hardest time of my life.

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