Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kentucky: Woman asks for prayers after her cousin is attacked by a pit bull. Injuries bad enough that she had to be taken by helicopter to hospital.

KENTUCKY -- Kim Hayes posted on Facebook March 6, 2017

Seriously needing prayers right now for my cousin. All ik so far is she was attacked by a pit bull & air lifted to Nashville.

Kim Hayes - You got fight in u girl, ik! I've seen it. We ain't been close in years but nothing would ever break our bond we had. Idk why but everyone seems to grow apart. Living our own lives we loose track of everyone else's. Blood is always thicker than water tho, Love u cuz. Now get well and get home. God please watch over my cuzzin as she is in need of your help.

Ursula Dixon - Is it that bad kim?

Kim Hayes - Bad enough to be air lifted yes. He tore flesh from her. We have main arteries in are arms and legs that could cause u to loose to much blood. Idk the whole situation cause I'm at work but ik she needs prayers.

Ursula Dixon - Gotcha babe

Ursula Dixon - She's gonna be ok mimi ... you have faith and are strong. I feel your heart and what u are saying. I really have been missing you myself. 😢...

Kim Hayes - Ik girl...I wish we all made more time for each other. Everyone is guilty of the distance that has grown between us. Like I said, we all live our own lives without thought of loosing one another.

Kim Hayes - March 7, 2017
Up date on Tina; after a cpl hrs in the ER they cleaned all the wounds and sewed everything back up. The left arm took most of the damage but luckily there seems to be no nerve damage. OUR FAMILY IS VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.She will have a lot of healing yet to do.

Were not in the clear just yet. They said there was some nerve damage but they wont know how bad it is until the swelling goed down and she starts healing


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