Saturday, March 4, 2017

Indiana: "My precious Princess Leah was attacked by a family Pit bull last night"

INDIANA -- Kelly Lynn Humes added 22 new photos — feeling pained.
Feb 28, 2017 at 11:17am ·

My precious Princess Leah was attacked by a family Pit bull last night..... several stitches n a small indented fracture of the skull sent her to Riley's Childrens hospital for 24 hour observation.....


Doctor's (n there was several) have stated she will make a complete recovery with no long term issues other then scars that will eventually b covered by her hair.... Thank God it wasn't her beautiful lil face.


Prayers r still needed that she stays stable n no changes for the worse.....

As far as, the Pit goes he will be picked up by the Humane Society and held n quarantine for 10 full days. After that he will probably be put down humanely..... We r unsure y he attacked her as that is not our major concern - our concern is the baby right now....


ALL NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL B DELETED n might get u blocked. Mommy n daddy r going through enough blaming themselves - I will NOT tolerate any negative crap.

Tammy Fitchpatrick-Irwin - i know what you is very scary..the same thing happend to Ashleigh on her 9th birthday...the dog wouldn't stop though and messed her up pretty was a neighbors dog..that's why she was so scared of dogs.


Kelly Lynn Humes - Believe or not I actually remember that Tammy Fitchpatrick-Irwin

Tammy Fitchpatrick-Irwin - wow,i can't believe you remember that..that dog grabbed her by her hair down to the ground and chewed her up...poor girl was screaming and the dog even bit her in the mouth..tearing her gums up...he tore her from her head to her you know the police and dog catcher wouldn't do anything...they said a dog is allowed one attack. and since it had never bit anyone before they wouldn't do anything


Kelly Lynn Humes - I remember...... I couldn't remember how old she was

Tammy Fitchpatrick-Irwin - 9th birthday she was out playing and the dog ran over to her and just tore her up...i pray for your little one..they dont want to stitch if they don't have too due to infection...bless her little heart

Kelly Lynn Humes - She has stitches

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  1. These parents should have known better. They are incredibly lucky and hopefully have learned their lesson about pits.