Wednesday, March 1, 2017

North Carolina: "My baby was literally getting slung around like a rag doll"

NORTH CAROLINA -- Tazzy M Dot posted on Facebook March 1, 2017

So last night Polo was attacked by a pit bull mix in the neighborhood .. I can't even begin to tell y'all how quick his entire life flashed before my eyes .. My baby was literally getting slung around like a rag doll .. πŸ˜₯ Thankfully he is ok but every time I look at him I'm truly hurt for what he went through ... I feel like I let my boy down since I wasn't able to tear them apart πŸ˜”.. I just hope he knows how much I love him .. πŸΆπŸ‘­

Facethefacts Fay - Omg 😲 I'm so sorry that happened I know how special he is to you. These pit bulls are vicious for no damn reason. Lord thankfully he is ok but he is going to be traumatized. Poor baby!

Tazzy M Dot - I don't even blame the dog ... I blame the owner for not being able to physically control her dog and allowing him to get away from her ... Then afterwards when I was trying to make sure Polo was ok she just walked off ... Didn't say a word to me ..

Ja'Lisa Vaughn - You should press charges. Would she have act like that if it attacks somebody's child. Glad polo is ok though

Tazzy M Dot - I don't even know who she is but the complex manager is already tracking and they are suppose to find her. They are suppose to keep a description of every dog in the neighborhood ..

Sunshine High - Awee. That's crazy. Those breed of dogs need to be put down. Two pit bulls just killed two elementary kids the other day. Tore a little girl face off and played tug of war with the little boy. πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ if a dog have very aggressive tendencies it's no need to live in city limits with everyone else. I'm sorry about your baby.

Bianca Bianca - Why wasn't that pit on a leash

Tazzy M Dot - He was. But he got away from his owner

Alice L. Fagan - Girl this happened to my Yorkie Zoey. I was keeping my bro 3 pit bull puppies and he kept saying they was playing w her. They had her penned under the fence as she was trying to get away and was biting her. Smh.....I let they ass's out the gate and told him to come get those vicious things.

Alice L. Fagan - Oh and days after she wasn't the same she looked like she was dying from the trauma. So I tool her to the vet she had an infection in her blood from the bite. They gave her IVF, x rays. She was put on iron and antibiotics for a month. I almost lost her. Now I don't do nobody other animals around mine.

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