Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Oklahoma: Jessica McBride sentenced to 8 years probation for animal cruelty; her boyfriend James Looney gets 5 years probation

OKLAHOMA -- Back in February 2016, Jessica McBride and James Looney were arrested after police found four dogs crammed inside a small crate in their house.

“[The witness] said there was one dog, which was dead, lying in the crate," according to the report. "And, the other dogs were eating on it.”


Of course by the time authorities got around to getting over to the house, the little dog's partially-eaten body was gone and Jessica and James denied everything.

Jim Looney claimed that he was bringing home leftovers from his job at Taco Bueno to feed the dogs, but police say that was impossible due to the emaciated bodies of the animals.


Looney, apparently also had warrants for marijuana and possession so they added those charges in with his animal cruelty charges.

By the looks of them, I don't think pot was their only drug of choice.


Anyway, the Oklahoma Offender Inmate Search reveals that, although I couldn't find any news story about how the case was settled, it says the Jessica McBride received a sentence of 8 years probation.

By their listing, she's supposed to be on probation until 3/14/2025.

Don't get too excited. Yes, that's a good thing that she got such a long time on probation. However, it's listed that she was given Deferred Sentencing.
A deferred adjudication in Oklahoma (commonly referred to as a deferred sentence) occurs when a defendant enters a plea of guilty to the crime or crimes as charged but is not formally sentenced.

The court agrees to "put off" sentencing to a later date provided the defendant agrees to certain terms and conditions required by the court.

The benefit to animal abusers of a deferred adjudication is that if a defendant successfully completes the period of probation the actual case will be dismissed.

This means at the end of the eight years, the courts will enter DISMISSED next to all of her animal cruelty charges, as though these little dogs didn't suffer, as if it had never happened that that little dog suffered and died and was eaten by the other dogs, as if the state didn't have a good case against her.

And she can, like many animal abusers who are given deferred sentencing, gloat and proclaim to everyone that their animal cruelty case was dismissed "because I didn't do anything wrong!"

Do they give deferred sentences to child abusers?
Offender: Jessica K. McBride
Alias: Jess McBride
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birth Date: 11/14/1979
OK DOC#: 759170
Term: 8 Years / P&PDEF
Disposition date: 3/15/2017
Current status: Active

The GOOD news is that James Looney was not offered the same deal. He either plead guilty or no contest and was sentenced to five years probation with the sentence suspended. This means the animal cruelty conviction WILL be on his criminal record.

Offender: James B. Looney
Alias: Jim Looney, Jimmy Looney
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 279 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birth Date: 8/2/1984
OK DOC#: 739152
Conviction date:
Term: 5 Years
Term code: P&PSUS
Sentence begins: 4/11/2016
Status: Active