Saturday, March 4, 2017

Texas: Cat lucky to survive after being attacked by 2 pit bulls

TEXAS -- Melissa Henry posted on Facebook on February 26, 2017

If u give a damn about us or animals in general please take a minute today to pray for this kitty. He got attacked by 2 pit bulls last night and is fighting for his life. My heart is shattered. Please send him thoughts and prayers.

Brandi Davidson - I'm sorry! How is your kitty today?  💛

he is strong and brave but seriously it would mean the world to me if yall said some words to Crom kitty tonight, just pray for him to make it thru the night and to get the courage to take his revenege. i dont pray or care for god but if you heard the horror from last night and saw his lil bloody kittyself you would pray too.. please god. <3 love you so much Crom

Desirae Prickett - Crom has made some outstanding improvement over the last 24 hours. He is up and WALKING lots, eating and drinking plenty, and going pee. Still have not had a poop out of him and his neck is very sore and tight. We're getting ready now to go to the vet and see what they say. Overall, he is absolutely a fighter and I am very proud of his strength and will. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!! We'll check back in after our vet visit, I feel positive!! :)

Rachelle Anthony - Poor kitty! I pray to god your cat makes it through Desire!

Heather A. Nirenberg - Oh no! Sending so many good vibes! Poor kitty 😿

Melissa Henry - Glad to report, Crom kitty is doing much better. he is eating, drinking and using the catbox... he has no broken bones and as long as he poops soon the doctors think he will be okay. only he could of lived through that horror... i can not express how much i truly believe my prayers and everyone else involved truly helped him. thank you all so much! now pray for kitty poops asap.

Heather A. Nirenberg - He is so lucky and so are you! My kitty was attacked a year ago and didn't make it :( I am so happy that yours is doing much better ❤❤❤

Melissa Henry - aww that's so sad. :( it is my friend des's cat. we were just all partying that night and the cat got inside with the dogs. i was the first to the cat after the attack and saw it in a state i hope to never see another living animal in. i would of swore he wasn't gonna make it 10 mins...

Desirae Prickett - Those first minutes were rough for sure. Can't imagine the horror you took on just between the cat, attack, dogs, and my reaction. I love you very much. Please know you helped save this kitty's life, no doubt!!



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