Saturday, March 4, 2017

Washington: "Our little old lady Maddie was attacked by a pit bull"

WASHINGTON -- Suzanne Stapely posted on Facebook on March 1, 2017

Our little old lady Maddie was attacked by a pit bull while Linda was walking her down our road this evening. She is having surgery later tonight.

Deborah Gibbons - Poor baby I hope she will be ok. My sisters sweet doxy was attacked by a dog ( don't remember what breed ) while her husband was out walking her and was torn up pretty bad requiring surgery as well. So sorry hope the owners are paying for Maddies surgery 😞

Suzanne Stapely - Thank you Deborah. The owners are devastated and seem bewildered and want to do everything possible to help. They are paying the bill of $1000+. We did notify animal control and it is a police matter/citable offense. I feel sorry for them really - the dog ran out while they were putting boxes in their garage.

Becky Pachek - Thats terrible. i recommend linda reports this to animal control and the owners in writing. Makes me sick..

Suzanne Stapely - I feel sorry for them although I acknowledge they are at fault - the dog ran out of the garage while they were loading boxes. We have reported it and the police will give them a visit tomorrow.

You see the bites on both ends? This pit bull was going to kill this little dog. It's lucky it survived. 

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