Friday, March 10, 2017

Texas: "Grace was attacked by a pit. At the Animal ER. Say a prayer"

TEXAS -- Donna Ewing Grazetti posted on Facebook March 8, 2017

Grace was attacked by a pit. At the Animal ER. Say a prayer 😰

Tina Winkler Smith - Prayers for all of you.

Martha Whittenburg - So sorry! Charles' little SweetPea was attacked by a pit out in his yard when they lived in Chicago. The little guy didn't make it. So sad! Everytime I think about it I cry even to this day. They were getting ready to come back home in a few weeks and this happened.

Julie tried to fight the pit off but he still did too much damage. We were grateful Julie didn't get hurt.

Robert Owens - So sorry to here the bad news hope she gets better

Emily Aldriedge - Update???

Donna Ewing Grazetti - We took her home with some meds. Prayed over her. Cried over her. Her legs aren't working right and we are watching for neurological problems. Taking her to our vet this morning. I bet they will want to keep her and start giving her fluids.

Donna Ewing Grazetti - It was a rough, rough night. Grace is alive and seems to be a new woman today. She is soo much better than last night. In the words of our country vet in his low southern drawl, "She's beat all to hell but she'll be all right."

Lots of rest and pain medication, and a little Netflix for me.

Thank you ALL for the prayers, texts and calls. You pulled her through the night! Thank you Jesus!

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