Friday, March 10, 2017

Missouri: Dog has been attacked twice in its own yard by pit bulls. Animal Control refuses to do anything about it

MISSOURI -- Zoie Moesch‎ to the Facebook group page JCMO: The Good, Bad and Ugly on March 8, 2017

The bad !!!

The second time my poor baby has been attacked in our own yard !! Tried to take my girl out again. 3 other pit bulls jumped the gate we have up and attacked coco !

The owners of these dogs just watched her be attacked by all three of their dogs just sad. These dogs have went all over the neighborhood attacking other dogs and even people its gotta stop !!

Tiffani Muessig - AGAIN???

Monica Smith - Awwww Coco

Jody Hoelscher - That's horrible! I've seen this case on Judy Judge a million times. It sounds like it might be time to take legal action. Have you contacted animal control?

Russ Hart - Report to animal control and sue the neighbors for the vet bill and the stress this has caused. Document everything and get a police report. Takes $25 to file in court.

Zoie Moesch - Have called the police both cases and they said they can't do anything!

Note: This was posted on the Facebook group "JCMO: The Good, Bad and Ugly" which describes its purpose as: "Had a great experience somewhere in Mid-Missouri? Had a poor experience somewhere in Mid-Missouri? Share it here. This group is about Jefferson City as a whole. Non-Jefferson City related posts and general questions which should be Googled will be removed."

Nathan Hays complained in the comments saying "Photos like this are not allowed, nor are posts that may involve the police or investigations." and almost immediately "An admin turned off commenting for this post."

What a worthless group page.