Wednesday, April 26, 2017

California: Man and his little Jack Russell slowly recovering after horrific pit bull attack on Catalina Island

CALIFORNIA -- On a beautiful April day, John Brady went for a walk with his dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Josh, who Brady describes as his best friend.

They were on the Avalon Pier on Santa Catalina Island when two large, muscular pit bulls came running towards them.

John saw them coming and yanked little Josh up in his arms to protect him and, although Josh ended up being mauled by the pit bulls, John ended up suffering the brunt of the vicious attack.


The pit bulls' owner, who lives on a boat in the marina, was less than helpful. She wailed and cried and acted helpless while the pit bulls mauled John and Josh. John and Josh lucked out during this attack - one of the pit bulls was so excited at the opportunity to kill someone/something that it latched on to the 2nd pit bull. This gave Josh and John the opportunity to escape. Eventually, a Harbor Patrol officer grabbed one of the pit bulls by the hind legs and dragged it away from the 2nd pit bull and then someone else grabbed it.


John's injuries were so severe that he was taken by a helicopter to the hospital. Speaking to a reporter from his hospital bed, John expressed relief that Josh, despite his injuries, would be OK.

“They attacked my little dog, Josh,” Brady said. “Almost killed him, almost killed me.”

"It was so scary," he said, his eyes welling up with tears while recalling the horrific attack. "I was just face to the ground, and just being chewed on by ... I couldn't even call them dogs."

“My dog is alive, and I put my body over him because he’s my best friend in the world,” Brady said.


John's family set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for Josh's vet bills as well as John's medical bills that aren't covered. He has retained an attorney, but there's no guarantee that he will ever get any money out of the pit bull's owner. Plus, even if he got a judgment against her, it could be years before he saw one red cent (think OJ and the victims' families who have received hardly anything in the last 20 years despite being awarded millions in civil damages). 

The horrific attack garnered a lot of media attention thanks to the video that was recorded during the attack. John's family posted some updates along with photos to show how John is slowly recovering along with his best little buddy Josh.

Video Clip - You can hear Josh screaming

April 22, 2017 Update:
Thank you to every single person that has shared this post, donated and prayed for my family! Each and everyone of you hold a special place in my families heart! My dad is still in the hospital but is in the process of being transferred to one closer to home and that will start the process of skin grafts. Josh goes in for his vet visit tomorrow since he's been home. It's been a hectic and stressful time for my family and we couldn't be more blessed to have you all behind us ❤️❤️

April 23, 2017 Update:
Dad and Josh were reunited outside the hospital today! Josh still has his stitches on his side and dads slowly recovering ❤️

April 25, 2017 Update:
Dad is home!! He is home with a portable machine that is still sucking out the fluids in his left leg. He will now have home healthcare. They need the tissue to build up a little more in his leg and then the skin graphs will begin. In a couple days Josh gets his stitches out so he's still on doggy bed rest. We are so happy to have Dad and Josh home together! Thank you everyone for keeping my family in your prayers❤️ God is good!



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