Friday, April 7, 2017

Florida: Zoey Green, 5, slowly recovering from horrific pit bull attack

FLORIDA -- A few weeks ago, Zoey Green, 5, and her mom Paige Woody were attacked by a friend's pit bull.

Paige had watched the dog for its owner previously and hadn't had any issues. Paige had asked Zoey to wait in the car while she ran inside the dog owner's house for a minute. While Paige was inside the house, Zoey came up and knocked on the door.

“I cracked the door to say we’re getting ready to leave and as soon as I cracked the door, the dog yanked her out by the face,” Paige said.

Paige said that she threw herself in the middle of the attack and the larger male dog started attacking the top of her head. She said while that was happening, the smaller female dog began biting its owner who tried to intervene.

Paige said she tucked Zoey under her stomach like a baby kangaroo and let the pit bull attack her instead of Zoey.

“The only thing I could think of was, please take me, I’ll just protect her with my whole body,” Woody said. “I was so scared that I lost her that day.”


The dog, a massive male pit bull named Mandingo, tore off her eyelid, and broke her jaw. Doctors were able to save Zoey's eye, but had to have numerous staples put in her head, more stitches than her family can even count, and she will need many more procedures in the future. 


Paige also was hospitalized and had to get giant, hideous looking stitches in her head to close the massive head wound caused by the pit bull attacking her. I can just picture her huddled over Zoey trying to protect her and the pit bull ripping at her head, trying to get to Zoey.


A GoFundMe page was created to help offset the many, many thousands of dollars in medical bills, expenses, etc. that they're incurring. Hopefully they've retained an attorney and hopefully the pit bull owner has homeowner's insurance.

Here is the GoFundMe link:

Help for Zoey and Paige
Created March 27, 2017
Greg Woody
My step daughter and wife were attacked by a pit bull and seriously injured.  Her father Jonny and I have been trying to keep them as comfortable as possible. Zoey will need several surgeries to repair damage to her face. Any help would be so helpful.
They've been posting updates to show Zoey's slow recovery. 
On her way to get her stitches removed then she comes home!

Update to story: