Friday, April 7, 2017

Tennessee: Jamie Bosch's two Pit Bull - Rottweiler mixes euthanized after 11-year-old boy viciously attacked in Gladeville

TENNESSEE -- An 11-year-old boy was mauled by dogs as he walked home after school in Wilson County on Monday.

By many accounts, the Gladeville Elementary School student might not be alive today if not for the quick actions of a couple of neighbors.

The neighbors fought off the dogs with their fists and even threatened them with a shovel.


Deputies told News 2 the boy had just gotten off the school bus and was walking down his driveway on Richmond Shop Road when the attack happened.

“There was blood and mud puddles and five, six different spots where you could see blood where the dog was getting him and getting him and getting him,” said neighbor Keith Fugate.

Fugate told News 2 he didn’t see the dogs attack the 11-year-old, but he did see photos of the child after. He also went to the scene once rescue crews arrived.

“Two girls come home on the bus and they panicked. They found a poster on the road where that little boy dropped it and his back pack and shirts were there, drenched with blood. His shirt, they took it for evidence. It was drenched,” the neighbor explained.

According to investigators, the two dogs were half pit bull and half Rottweiler.

“He was shredded head to toe. He had two shirts. They were tore off. He went 25 foot off the road, to the edge of my field. Those dogs… two big ole puddles where those dogs tore ground up and blood and everything else up there,” Fugate described.

Fugate’s step-son ran to help the little boy and helped scared the dogs away with a shovel, preventing them from killing him.

The sheriff’s office told News 2 the dogs have a history of violence. They have already been euthanized with the owner Jamie Bosch’s consent.

Although I'm fairly certain even if Bosch hadn't "consented" to put the dogs down, a judge would have forced her to. 


Fugate says if his step-son and the next door neighbor, Priscilla Gallops, had not intervened, the dogs might’ve killed the child.

The boy is currently at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he was last listed as stable.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating, and News 2 was told charges are being considered.

(WKRN - April 4, 2017)

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