Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Mexico: Charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty, Mary Wood and Dolores Montano to return to court May 18

NEW MEXICO -- Two cases of alleged cruelty to animals and failure to vaccinate were continued by Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados Tuesday, one because a defendant, Dolores Montano, was ill and the other, Mary Wood, because the officer was not present.

Both cases involve animals allegedly left behind at an Alabama Avenue apartment after an eviction last October.

Dolores Montano, 66, is charged with nine counts of animal cruelty for allegedly not providing necessary sustenance to nine cats, and six counts of failure to vaccinate cats for rabies.

Mary Wood (Mary Frances Wood) is charged with two counts of animal cruelty for allegedly abandoning or failure to provide sustenance for two dogs and two counts of failure to provide proof that two dogs were vaccinated for rabies.

Pre-trial hearings have been slated for May 18.

(Ladaily Post - Apr 5, 2017)