Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ohio: Little dog named Raul is mauled to death by a pit bull

OHIO -- Richard Long posted on Facebook April 1, 2017

#RIPraul sadly we had to put down our friend raul he was attacked by a pit bull mix and broke his little neck. OgRaul lived a great long 5 and half years met a lot people and gave smiles to every single person he ever met.. love you Lil buddy see you on the other side

Nicole Melgar - So sorry :( for your precious boy. Heartbreaking

Jennie Conway - Heartbreaking.... Pits kill so many other pets. RIP little guy.

Lisa Osborn - Oh my I'm so sorry

Lucinda Hollingsworth Boutin - We were attacked by a pit and we sued and won. I'm so sorry about your dog.

Richard Long - Thanks everyone. Sadly we are not sure where the pit bull is or who's it even was . Tried to find it but was unable