Saturday, April 29, 2017

Washington: Little boy gets reconstructive surgery after pit bull latches onto his face

WASHINGTON -- Lizzy Moore posted on Facebook April 18, 2017

Poor guy got attacked by a pit bull. He's being a real trouper. He has reconstructive surgery at 8am. Keep him in ur prayers or good vibes whatever u believe in. — at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

Lizzy Moore - We went to help a friend move some stuff and she had a friend's dog over. She opened the door and the dog knocked me out of the way and bit and wouldn't let go of his face

In later comments, she says that adults were in and out of the house all day and the dog never bothered anyone. But when he zeroed in on the little boy he knocked her down to get to him and latched onto his face - as pit bull have a tendency to do.

Clara Conlan - That's horrible. Thank goodness he didn't lose an eye.

Lizzy Moore It was amazingly close

Ashley Renee Cardinal OMG!! This breaks my heart!! My son was attacked by a Pitt Bull a couple years ago and was taken to Mary Bridge by ambulance!! It was horrible!! He was even playing at our housing development's park!! Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery!!

Decade Detour - HOly balls! Hate pit bulls ..... prayers !

Lori Leineke - Prayers sent for your little guy

Karin Cloud - Oh no so sorry for Liam. I will light a candle in my ritual room for him when I come home

Karin Cloud - And let's not start on the breed let's start with irresponsible owners that don't train and neglect their dogs.

Paul Anthony Russell - So sad to hear that this happened and the did needs to be put down for sure but labeling a breed is ridiculous that dog was trained or lack of training to cause it to act that way they are not born to hurt people

Lizzy Moore - The plastic surgeon said he has more pit bites then any other dogs and so did the 3 doctors. So maybe ya think they might be a little more aggressive then other breeds. Duh!