Thursday, April 6, 2017

Texas: After Olli the cat is attacked by a pit bull, the vet says he can save him - but it's going to cost $5,000

TEXAS -- Our sweet 1 year old baby, Olli was attacked by a pit bull today. Olli now has a broken arm and a hernia. This is going to be around $5000 that Andy and I just don't have right now.

We have already paid $3500 for surgery to fix the hernia. Tomorrow he will have to have surgery on his arm as well. Anything helps us out with this and we would be forever grateful to anyone who could help! Thanks so much!


Update 1
Olli's now recovering from hernia surgery, lots of stitches on his fat belly. Keeping him stable and sleeping until we can get him in for arm surgery to put a bone plate on his right humorous.

Update 2
Went and checked on the little buddy this afternoon and he's attentive and active (which is good that he's not lethargic but his arm's still broken so he needs to rest). Loved on him for a while before I had to leave for work. We miss little Olli so much and can't wait for his arm to be fixed up so we can have him home soon. Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared, it helps so much!!!


Update 3
We went and visited Olli early this morning, they said they start doing surgeries around 10am and they'll give us a call once he's out. All the nurses love him, he's in good spirits and very attentive. Things are looking good for the little buddy. Thank you everyone for your support!

Update 4
We went and visited the buddy today and we got a whole room for us since he's doing great after his surgery! He was being so sweet and loving and couldn't stop purring. He's able to hobble and scoot around a bit now that his arms fixed up; he ended up not getting a bone plate but instead an external fixation so he's got bars on his arm to keep the bones together while he heals. The doctor said he'll be coming home Thursday, we're so excited we miss him so much. Thank you everyone for sharing and donating! Your help means so much!!

GOFUNDME link: Help save Olli
Created March 29, 2017
Andy McGuire